Saturday, April 1, 2017

When Awesomeness becomes Abjection

I boarded on the flying saucer. It’s kind of huge circular compartment, looks like a five star hotel setting.  Almost 5 hundred seats in spherical shape. I with my family sat in one row. A gorgeous voice announced our departure and estimated time to reach our home town. In few minutes, there was a delightful welcome drink, followed by scrumptious snacks. My kids went to play in the kids zone. Almost 20 / 30 kids were playing there.  

My hubby took out a book to read and I pulled out the movie-monitor and started watching a long pending movie. I saw people flocking in front of the bar. Mild music was making the ambience enchanting. There were only two stations on the way, where the vehicle stopped for 5 mins.
And wow….in 2 hours, we reached our home town, crossing almost 3,000 miles.

Thanks to the current govt. for launching the rail-based flying saucer!!! The marvel of space technology is here for mass public transport!!!!

Oops! The attendant wake me up…..from my dream….I realized that I was actually sitting in a simple third AC compartment. He was asking me what would I take – Veg or Non-veg dinner. I got really annoyed. I looked at my watch.......20 hours was over, another 20 hours to go......My home was still quite far....

My theme : Imagination and reality

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