Monday, April 14, 2014

Today is Bohag Bihu....

Today is Bohag Bihu!  Onset of the Assamese New Year announcing the arrival of seeding time.
And, I am working today…so many deliverables….

Trying to feel from here only – 

Sweet fragrance of exotic spring flowers such as Kopou, Keteki, Nahor!

Exuberant songs of migratory birds such as Kuli, Keteki

Energetic ladies weaving Gamosas and Mekhela Chadors!
Relish the different types of traditional snacks called ‘Pithas’  such as Til, Tel, Ghila, Sunga, Tekeli Pitha and Laroos like loskoda, til, gur etc.

Taking the cattle to the river or pond to bathe in with Mah-Haldhi (paste of turmeric with different types of pulses). Rubbing the Cows gently by springs plants - Dighalati and Makhiyati singing ... laao kha bengena kha, bosore bosore barhi ja –maar xoru, baaper xoru, toi hobi bor bor goru (blessing the cows to grow year by year, better than their parents).

Wearing new cloth.... visit friends and relatives. 

Joining a Jeng Bihu group of captivating girls, dressed in beautiful traditional Muga Mekhela Chador, visiting and dancing in all the villagers’ house…..

Dancing with the rhythm of Dhul, Taal, Pepa, Gogona, Baanhi, Toka Xutuli (musical instrument ) in Husori group! Singing - "Kunjalata kapou phool phuli aase, nasani bhonik dhuliaai maati aase.....najau buli nakaba bea pabo, siradinor karane bidaai lobo...."

Once the Husori is finished, blessing the householders singing “Murar suli singi arkhibaad korisu…Grihasta kukhale thaakak….!!!!

সকলোটিলৈকে ৰঙালী বিহুৰ আন্তৰিক শুভেচ্ছা জনালো..........লগতে আগন্তুক অসমীয়া নববৰ্ষৰ অলেখ শুভকামনা....!!!

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