Friday, April 4, 2014

Was that a Ghost???

Guwahati University Law hostel. Month of Feb of some year of 90’s.

“Just few days left for the exam. Need to finish so many chapters and then would have to do revisions, at least once or twice.” Reena thought.

She planned to study with Pompi for couple of days. Pompi’s situation was also the same. Both  of them were from the same place, and not only that, they were very close friends too, and always helped each other in study. Both used to believe in – early to bed , early to rise. So, they planned to get up early at around 4 am and study in the dining hall, as their rooms were four seaters. Others  would get disturbed if they would study in their own rooms. In the evening, they used to decide who would get up early and wake up the another.

The hostel was of Assam-type. All rooms were in one floor and were connected with very long corridor. Each room was four seater. It was adjacent to a hill, for which monkeys were the frequent visitors. The Dining hall was the bridge between the hostel and the hill.

For a week, getting up at 4 am became a routine for both the girls. Now just 4 days left for the exam. They needed to gear up. So, they decided to get up at 3 am next day.

“Reena, O’ Reena...get up, lets go for study!” Reena heard a voice. One of her roommates made a comment from her bed only, “Your best friend calling..”

Reena got up. Took her books and copies, drank a glass of water and rushed towards the door.

Oops, Pompi was not there.

“She must have got bored of waiting for me and so probably has gone to the dining hall”, she thought.

She hurried through the dark, serene, lonely corridor. At last she reached the dining hall.
But, What!!! The door was closed. Pompi was not there. 

She opened the door, the room was dark. A cool breeze touched her whole body. She hesitated to enter to search for the light switch.
To clear the doubt if Pompi is inside the hall, she uttered, “Pompi! Pompi! ...U there?”
Suddenly, a window opened. The window was just opposite side of the door, where she was standing. She could just see a white shadow going out like a breeze....

And..... she ran and ran......till she reached her room, and jumped on one of her roommate’s bed. She was continuously shivering. Her roommates got up, asked her what happened......she couldnot reply anything that time, but just could see the wall clock – it was just 1 am.

Two of her roommates could gather courage to go out, and knocked the door of Pompi. She was in deep sleep that time.
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