Monday, April 28, 2014

Notch of Social Media

Excitement was in the air, especially around me and Sheena! Just few days left for the voting day. I would cast vote in Bangalore for the first time. I gave vote earlier too, in Delhi, but that time I was not so much active in Facebook, neither my friends. Sheena was even more excited than me….,it would be her first vote. 

“What will we wear…”, “what should we put on our face…”, “what to do with our fingers to look beautiful in the pics…”, all these messages were filling our Whatsapps spaces last few days before the D-day. Sheena’s boyfriend, Rahul promised to be our photographer. 

We went to parlour to do manicure; our fingers should look good. We bought hats – one yellow and one red; Bangalore was sooo sunny those days! Red was mine. We bought smart western attires to look trendy on pictures. I bought one stylish goggle to flaunt too.  

We decided to reach the voting venue around 7:30 am and then we were sure that we would be free by 8:30 am at least. Sheena planned to go for a date after that, and I was excited because I would be able to upload the pics on Facebook by 9 am….. I had my secret desire to get at least 150 likes on my pics, or at least more than Sheena’s. I would upload three pics – one - of my finger and another me giving a pose in the queue and the last one – with Sheena – I would tag her, otherwise she might feel bad. Now, the question which was disturbing me – “what should be the captions….!!”


The Election Day!

I got up early, around 6 am. Shampooed my hair. Dressed nicely.

It was 6:30 am. Sheena was still sleeping…..I called her…no response….

I did my make-up, put moisturiser, powder, sunscreen lotion, eye-liner, eye-shadow, brown lipstick matching with my dress.

7:15 am. No sign from Sheena of getting up from her bed. Again I called her… response. I got a bit angry. I shoved her. She asked me, “What happened?” with half opened eyes. I replied, “Let’s go to cast vote! Get up, otherwise we will be late.”

She replied, “No yaar, you go, I fought with Rahul till 3 am. He wants to give vote to BJP and I want him to give to AAP. He is not convinced. And so, neither me nor Rahul are going to give vote.”

What should I do now!!! Who will click my pics!!! My head started spinning…… Ï thought, “I don’t care who wins –BJP or AAP or some other party…but I deadly need some pics to upload on Facebook to show the world that I am a conscious citizen.”
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