Sunday, April 20, 2014

Who is India's President?

Election day in Bangalore.  After casting our votes, thought of visiting Mysore for a day.

Dinner time. We went to one of our hotel’s restaurants.

A group of 5 or 6 girls were giggling next to our table. Overheard their conversation. Came to know that they were also Bangalorean……had come to spend one or two nights as it was a long weekend. All were colleagues cum good friends probably, and would be in between 27- 33. Could see some sophistication in their dressing sense. 

Two or three of them went to cast vote. So, rest two or three girls were teasing them as conscious citizens.
“But why you voted for Aam Aadmi Party?” One girl asked.

“I felt like. If they win, certainly there will be some changes. Now see, there is so much of corruption going on in Bangalore during this Congress reign!” 

“I was so excited to cast my first vote. In the voting room, I could neither recognize nor see any other icon than the hand. So, I gave on Congress only.” Another one volunteeringly said with a big laugh.

“And why you gave vote to BJP?” Question to the another conscious citizen.

“BJP will be sure sort better than Congress. Congress got a chance to reign for so many years, now let’s give a chance to Modi Sarkar. ” She replied like an intellectual.

“BJP is doing great campaigning yaar! Have you seen the Whatsapp chain message on Abb ki baar Modi Sarkar! The NTP project guys wrote so many messages on this…”

“Yaa, Marketing group created at least 100 lines on Abb ki baar Modi Sarkar on Whatsapps.”

“Hey girls! By the way, who is the President of India?” Another question. 

“Manmohan Singh, probably!” one girl said.....Another girl said, “No no….some lady…..P..P….wait …some name with the initial P!”…..The third girl confidently said, “Pratibha Patil.... kya yaar…tum log bhi….India ka President kaun hai yeh hi nehi pata!”

Then, conversation took a different turn towards some office, boss talk……..And we almost finished our food…….
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