Sunday, May 17, 2015

I switched on the light

It was Saturday. So many guests at my home that day.

Two families with four kids. So, including my two siblings and parents, we were 12 people at home.  Two families were given two rooms, my brother and sister slept with my parents, and my mom asked me to sleep in the living room in a sofa cum bed. I did not want to, as the room was just a bit unattached to other bed rooms, and we did not have any intercom, nor had any mobile phone those days. But, as there was no other option left, I had to say ‘Yes’.

Taking a pillow, and a light blanket, I arranged my place in the room. The room was 20 X 16 ft.  I took out a book of very interesting detective story, and started reading with full concentration, without looking at the time. Suddenly my eyes went to the clock, it was 2 am.  I did not realize how time passed.

The light switch was a bit far from my bed. Once I thought I would sleep in light only. But, my bad habit, I can not sleep in light, for which I had to get up. While switching off the light, I put on the fan too, to have a pleasant environment.

I took the blanket, covered my face, and tried to sleep. But, suddenly I heard a sound in the dark room. What was that….I tried to recognize the sound….It was as if someone was sweeping the room….Yes! someone was actually sweeping the room. The sound was going from one corner to another…I did not have enough courage to look at who was there……

That house was actually a rented house. We had come to that house at least six months ago. But during those six month, we never had any unusual situation. Many questions came to my mind like….did anybody do suicide in that room? Is that room haunted about which we were unaware? 

The sound became a bit louder….What should I do….??? Should I get up, open the door and run through the connecting corridor and knock at my Parent’s bedroom? But, would I get enough time to do that?

Suddenly I recalled someone’s saying: “Ghost is scared of light”. I too agreed, because the sound started coming after I switch off the light. 

Now, I thought to go for the second option. I ran as fast as possible to switch on the light. Idid it!!!

Whuah!!! There is nothing in the room …..but the sound was still on. With my brave heart, I searched the ghost with my eyes…….and found it......... That was a Chocolate wrapper!!!! It was moving here and there because of the fan, which I switched on while switching the light off.

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