Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Quick Recipe for Honey Capsicum

Sometimes, after a tiring office day, while your tasting buds quiver, but you don’t have energy to go out to a restaurant, neither you would like to invest lots of time in cooking at home too….For those guys, here is my quick recipe :


Capsicum :  2
Potato: 2
Carrot : 2
Onion : 2
Green Chilly: 2
Cumin Seeds: ½ spoon
Tomato Sauce : 1 Table Spoon
Honey :  Half Table Spoon
Mustard oil: 2 tsp
Salt and Turmeric to taste

Method :

  1. Chop all vegetables : Capsicum, Potatoes, Carrot and Onion  in big pieces.
  2. Put Mustard oil in a hot pan, put Cumin Seeds and then  fry Potatoes for 2 mins, put Carrots and fry for next 1 min, and then add Capsicum and Onion pieces  and fry for 3 or 4 mins in medium heat. Cover with a lid.
  3. Once all vegetables are fried well, pour tomato Sauce and Honey and shift to a bowl. And your Honey Capsicum is ready to serve.

What's say? Isn't it really easy for lazy cook like meeh???

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