Friday, July 31, 2015

A Review on eKAVACH : India’s first Digital Parenting Application

“Mamma, we have a poem recitation competition. VJ ma’am asked me to search a poem in youtube!” My neighbour’s 4 yrs old child told her mother just in front of me, few days back.

“Papa, why are you using Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is better….” Another 5 yrs. old boy of a friend was suggesting his Dad….

My 4 yrs. child has always been defeating me and his Dad in Rails Rush …..since his three years of age……

This generation is awesome…..don’t you agree? They learn computers before they learn alphabets….infact before they are potty-trained!!!

I just envisage these kids in the future when they would be using the internet extensively, may be for their studies, fun or some other reasons. But what would happen if we won’t have any control over it…!!! For today’s parents, providing kids a safe browsing environment has become one of the biggest concerns.

Children are generally very inquisitive and the internet is an ocean of both good and bad information. There is no way that we can put these inquisitive kids off from browsing the web.

So, while child is growing….technology is developing…world is changing…..and worry is increasing….Can we stop any of these?

….Just next to impossible…! I am saying next to impossible, because….probably we can reduce our worry a bit using some technology!

Yes! Now, I am talking about India’s first Digital Parenting Application : eKAVACH. A mobile app to shield your child from any kind of internet related threat like Cyberbullying, Cyberstalking, Internet addiction etc.
Through eKAVACH, the parents can easily understand the environment that surrounds your child in modern times, monitor your child’s online safety, even without your physical presence. The app offers sufficient features for parental supervision and to have control over the online behavior, likes, dislikes and interests of the child.

eKAVACH can filter or block a cyber bully’s text messages, instant messages and email exchanges. Whenever a child views or types a pre-designated threatening keyword or key-phrase, eKAVACH automatically generates a real-time notification that notifies the parent of a potential problem.

eKAVACH is simple to use, provides you with real-time alerts on your phone, works on iOS and Android and is developed on a superior technology platform. It is available in the Google Play store.

What are the specialties and features?

1. Safe browsing, content filtering - Prevents exposure to inappropriate content such as violence, pornography, sex, by setting auto age-appropriate web category filter for children. Parents can also define custom filters based on their own parenting style for safe browsing experience for kids

2. Time and Access Limit - Define and set healthy access limit for your child’s internet usage. This feature reduces internet addiction by limiting screen time per day.

3. Keep a tab over gaming or block inappropriate applications – This feature reduces exposure of kids to unsuitable apps, prevents gaming and social networking as in Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter apps as parents can set healthy time limits or block access to any app

4. Real Time Alerts & Push Notifications for breaches - Can helps parents to mitigate any kind of risk to their kids to ensure child safety. Parents can customize alerts notifications. Receive SMS notifications if there is no internet connection.

5. View Dashboard of your child’s online activities - Enable positive parenting by analyzing the types of sites your child visits / tries to visit, type of apps kids download. Take a step towards digital parenting by viewing these trends from your child’s dashboard


6. Remotely Manage activities – eKAVACH parental control app allows family access from anywhere, anytime. Be it from office or on the move, there is no need to be physically around to ensure child safety

7. Device Heartbeat & Geo-location – Monitor child device reach through device heartbeat monitoring. Geo coordinates helps the parents to track location of their children for their safety.

8. Family Relaxation Time – Gives parents the ability to define quality family access time for meals or other family activities. All internet and app access will be blocked during these times to give kids a break

9. Emergency Child Notification to Parents – Kids can send SOS message to parents from the child device in case of an emergency. Parents will receive message with geo location to ensure timely assistance and child safety

10. Communication with Parents – Child application also allows kids to send regular messages to parents for conversations with them any time of the day

eKAVACH is a ‘must app’ for parents with children who are using internet.

Now, eKavach is a completely free app and Click Here to download it!

For more information, visit or you can connect with the eKavach Team through their Facebook Page or Twitter page.

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