Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Top 10 Reasons Why One should Marry or Date a Bengali Guy

While I wrote Top 10 Reasons to have an Assamese girlfriend or Wify, many guys whom I know personally, asked me to think and write why one should marry or date a Bengali guy…..So, for those, I could find out Ten reasons….Here are the same :

1. Bong guys are generally good cooks. Probably, there will be just a handful of Bong guys who do not know how to cook. Most of the Bengali guys, who stay in a hostel or PG, or a rented house, basically stay away from home, surely learn cooking, because they cannot live without their Maccher Jhol and Kosha Mangsho!

Your Benefit : Your life will be easy in the kitchen!

2. Bong guys are FoodieThey will teach you different style of cooking, eating habits and tastes. They recognize most of the delicious Fish varieties. They can die for Ilish Maach. Besides, they don’t like be on Diet ever, if possible and are very emotional about food. In fact, food is the most important thing in all their festivals, be it Durga Puja, Kali Puja or any other occasion.

Your Benefit: And if you are a foodie, there is no one like a Bengali for you. You will be familiar with different kinds of mouthwatering delicacies, most of which will be fish ofcourse.

3. Your importance will increase in the dining table: They expect women to serve them sequence wise items at the dining table. Like Bengan Fry and Daal first, Aloo bhaja next, other veg item if any, then fish, meat and then mitha chutni or sweets.

Your Benefit: You will learn how to serve and taste all the items one by one.

4. “Sound” sleep is extremely important after the Sunday Heavy lunch. After having Bhaat Maach and mutton in the lunch, he will have to go for sleep for many hours.

Your Benefit : If you are lazy too, then your life will become easy, infact easier.

5. Most of the Bong guys have their typical mindset and prejudice. You can start any debate with him easily and the fun is that since he has an opinion on almost everything, you will love to see his reactions and actions.

Your Benefit: Having a healthy debate can enlighten and widen your scope to know more.

6. Proud of their Heritage always: Especially when they are drunk, they recollect and pay tribute to Robi Thakur, Ganguly or Kumar Sanu. If possible, they will recite any poem of Rabi Thakur, start comparing Ganguly Dada with Sachin or else, start singing some songs of Kishore Da or Kumar Sanu.

Your Benefit: You can have free entertainment.

7. Football runs in the veins: Yes! Many Bengali men think there is some link of their roots with Brazil and have secret dream of watching one Football worldcup live. Nothing can stop them from watching World Cup.

Your Benefit: Learn Football, bring some energy into the life.

8. Music and Art are the talents by Birth. The Bong guys will be good either in music or in art or in both for sure. And if he cannot sing or play the guitar or paint, he can at least write amateur poetry to praise your beauty.

Your Benefit: You will be praised for your beauty or some romance will be in your life.

9. Bongs love to travel: Every nook and corner of the world, wherever you go, I bet, if you don’t come across a Bengali family on the vacation. Yes! They love to travel, whether they are wealthy enough or not, they manage their travel expenses anyhow. 

Your Benefit: You will get to travel a lot if you are married to a Bengali man.

10. Sweets and Sweets. Rosogolla, kalakand, Paati shapta, Sondesh, Misti Dohi, Kachcha Golla, kheer kodam, nolen gurer payesh, channar jalepi,sitabhog mihidana, Shor bhaja…..the list goes on for Bengali sweets and Bongs can die for.

Your Benefit: If you are a sweet lover, then feel just wow! Every time you visit your husband's side of the family, your plate will be weighed down with sweets and sweets which are tastier than one another.

Do anyone disagree??? Do let me know!!! :)

Disclaimer: These are just my personal opinions, not to hurt anybody's sentiment. All models in the photos are not necessarily Bongs. 

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