Saturday, August 29, 2015

Healthy Breakfast with Kumal Saul or Soft Rice

Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, Dinner like a Pauper.

And if you can get a Healthy Kingsize Breakfast without any effort and wasting your valuable time, how will you feel?

Yes! I am talking about one of the very interesting, yummy traditional breakfasts of Assam. It’s called “Kumal Saul ar Jolpaan” meaning Breakfast of Soft Rice. Just, you need to soak the Kumal Saul (Soft Rice) in water, its grains will expand, get softened and are ready to eat. Isn't it surprising and interesting?

Not only that, this breakfast is extremely easy to prepare.

·        Soak the rice and keep doing your other tasks. Soak in normal water for half an hour and if you are in hurry, soak for 15 minutes in lukewarm water.

·         Mix with curd or milk and sweeten with jaggery or any other sweetener

You can add cream/ butter/ ghee/ dry fruits while preparing for kids. Also, you can also eat this rice with some sabji or chutni too which can be a different option and taste.

So, now the question comes, is it possible to eat rice without cooking? Yes. This soft rice variety grows across Assam and the North-East, and is ready to eat after they are soaked in plain water.

So, what are the benefits ?

  •          This delicious breakfast can help you save your fuel cost.
  •          Kumal Saul has low starch content, i.e, very less amount of amylase i.e about 4.5 per cent

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