Friday, August 14, 2015

What Independence Day means to me?

What Independence Day means to me and many of us?
  1. It’s almost like any other ordinary holiday to enjoy
  2. Sleep till late, have a relaxing breakfast 
  3. Watch Doordarshan flag hosting program letting yourself loose on the bed only 
  4. Send or forward beautiful "Happy Independence Day!" wishes on Whatsapp or Facebook
  5. Look at the Newspaper to find out where the maximum Independence Day Sales are going on 
  6. Take driving license and RC for sure if you go out
  7. If you could pre-plan, book a hotel for a day or two and go for a nice vacation
  8. Buy lovely tri-colour dresses, bangle to match with
  9. Prepare your child to perform in the Society function if you are parent or be ready with Pop-corns to enjoy the recent movie release which to be telecasted on television
  10. Buy stuff for the feast beforehand to enjoy on the day, call your friends to join

But, is it the perfect way to spend this special day?

Let me bring five points to see where we are on our 69th Independence Day!

  1. Over 50 percent rise in child labour in Indian urban areas: CRY - See more at:
  2. According to Indian National Crime Records Bureau data, at least 2,100 people have been murdered for “practicing witchcraft” in India between 2000 and 2012. See more
  3. A total of 5,650 farmers have committed suicides during 2014, accounting for 4.3% of total suicides victims in the country. See more at
  4. According to National Crime Records Bureau's (NCRB) latest 2014 report, there were 33,764 victims of rape out of 33,707 reported rape cases in the country during the year 2013. See more at
  5. 2015: 334 million Indians will still lack access to safe water supply. See more at

But, let me not only talk about negative part of it……Let me put down few good points too, to feel proud to be an Indian today :









Happy Independence Day !!! :)

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