Thursday, August 6, 2015

Blogger Launch of Flipkart Image Search functionality at Bangalore IndiMeet

Have you ever come across these -following scenarios??? .....I have, many times!!! :) 

Scenerio I

Some dresses of Deepika Padukone or Sonam Kapoor compel you to make your jaws wide open .... and you wish for a similar dress, to be the centre of attraction in some party. But, then probably you 'make a sigh' as you don't know where to search it.....

Scenerio II

You catch your friend or colleague or some relative wearing a mindboggling dress or kurti, shirt or shoe, earring or watch in office, party, wedding or any other occasion. You praise the person..and ask, “Wow…this is sooo pretty… where from you bought it? What is the price?”

……And …, you get a vague answer….  “Aww….ummm…...actually not sure….Probably, my hubby gifted me…..”

…..You are confused about the reply....Makes you think for a while about the intention of the other person!

But now, no need to 'make a sigh' or worry for a satisfactory answer in such situations, any more!!!…..Just download the picture of Deepika's dress or praise your colleague or friend, click one pic or selfie with him or her…..and you get the answer as that picture can be worth a thousand keywords or worth many hours….

Yes! Great News for the Fashion fans!!! Image Search Technology is in vogue now….

Few years back, in one start-up meet, I met one techie who was working on the visual search technology. He explained me how exactly it would work…… I nodded my head that time, but by heart, I was not convinced about the popularity of this technology. But, to prove me wrong, visual or image search technology is one of the most exciting trends in ecommerce now.

Flipkart is all set to float with these tides! Flipkart recently has added 'Image Search' feature to its app designed for its fashion category. Last week, I received an Invitation for an event organized by Flipkart and Indiblogger to do blogger launch of this app feature at Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore. I did not want to give a ‘Miss’ to it anyhow.

Rough n Tough ambiance of Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore

Amazing event it was!!!!  Witty talks of Anoop Johnson from Indiblogger, shout out “Hell Yeah!” throughout the event with regular interval, energetic performances by the band to break all bloggers out of inertia, interesting skull face playing guitar with the band, bouncy music and dance by HardRock Café team, yummy food, networking with wonderful bloggers and above all, excellent presentations by the Flipkart team including the Chief Product Office Puneet Soni : all made the event marvelous!!!!

A short video of the warm-up performance by the Band :

Here are few pics :

Anoop while cracking jokes, throwing funny comments with a serious mood

Hard Rock at Hard Rock Cafe

Introductory note from Flipkart

Chief  Product Officer, Puneet Soni is giving an insightful presentation

Flipkart team during the live Image Search functionality demo

Anoop n his team 

So, how this image search functionality of Flipkart works?

Flipkart tags this image search functionality as “Point, Shoot, Buy”.

Point your camera to the product you wish to search
Shoot and search for the same or similar products
Buy, once you hunt down the product in Flipkart store

This  functionality allows the use of any image to find visually similar products on Flipkart store. It reads images to identify color, shape, size and proportions. The users can click a picture or download a photo on their phones to find fashion products of same colour, pattern or style on Flipkart.

So, what is the process?
  1.     Download the Flipkart app on your mobile.
  2.     If you already have the old version, upgrade it.
  3.     Click a picture of the targeted product
  4.     Crop the product picture and start searching for the matching ones  



This functionality is currently available in some of the categories of Flipkart, like clothing, footwear, accessories across all sections and will add other categories progressively. 

The Flipkart team showed us a live demo of the functionality and then we had a joyful team activity to have live experience ourselves. We were divided into five teams. We were Team number 2 and I was the Team Captain whereas Suranjana was Vice Captain. The contest was: we had to find maximum matches of the products within a time limit. So, all bloggers became extremely busy for a while in taking pictures of different products and searching for exact matches in Flipkart app.  Our team managed to match 24 products whereas Team 5 was the winner having impressive 40 matches. 

Bloggers with Beverage 

All set for group activities

Our Team - VIBGYOR

The event ended with the book launch of 10 Love Stories compiled by Indiblogger :


Paromita Borah who wrote the “The Transitional Boyfriend” and Varsha Dutta who wrote “Speechlessly in Love” read out few paragraphs from their chapters.

And then, had a wonderful networking sessions with all wonderful bloggers:

So, Guys....Happy Pointing, Shooting and Buying!!!!! I guarantee... You will be amazed with this Flipkart new awesome app functionality!!!

You can look at the Commercial on the introduction #FlipkartImageSearch functionality here :

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