Monday, March 31, 2014

Playing with Innocence on April Fool Day

My room was dirty, messy. Mom was continuously blabbering… “Why don’t you clean your room, what people will think – being a college girl, you have no sense of cleanliness!!!!” …. “God knows who is deserving you as a wife…Hats off to him from now only!!!”
… Weather was so good, drizzling. I was feeling lazy as always. I had bought two Hindi song cassettes and one Ranju Hazarika’s thriller story book, just the previous day. So, didn’t feel like getting up from my cozy 30 degree horizontal position, putting the pillow on the back, having the Walk-man headphone on my ears and the book in my hand.
In this way, half an hour gone, again I heard Mom’s voice. I had to get up. I peeped through the door to my brother’s room. He is much more sincere and disciplined than me. He was cleaning his room.
Something clicked in my mind……
I said, “Bro …..I have Rs.500 with me.”
“Good. But, what will you do with that money…??”, he replied.
“I can give you Rs.300 for buying your Action shoes….Then you won’t have to ask much money from Mom.”
Those days, my brother’s mind was badly occupied by the beauty, agility and smartness of Action shoes with blinking lights in the sole. He was insisting Mom for buying the shoes. 
“But why will you give me?” My brother seemed to be interested, excited, but confused at my kindness........probably inside his mind,  "My Good heaven....what a cann't think of a better deal than this". …
“In one condition. If you will clean my room properly. …..And till you clean my room, I will use your room. And also don’t tell Mom about this.” I replied.
My brother nodded his head with excitement. …Immediately started cleaning my room, as if I clicked the ‘Forward’ button of a Media player.
One characteristic of my bro....he is of a kind that it takes hell lot of time to take up any work....however, once he decides to take something on.....then no stopping...will do that to his best ability and perfection.

So, here is the result: He broomed the room, dusted, aligned the books, put a clean bed cover, folded my cloths……And in half an hour, my room looked better than his.

Now it was my turn to give back……
Being ‘All set’ to run fast…..I said, “April Fool! April Fool! Ha! Ha! Ha!”…..
......And my innocent brother became Angry Man….chased me with a long stick…..I ran away…I jumped the boundary and reached neighbour’s house. And, he could not catch. ;)
Just feeling Sorry my Brother for playing with your innocence. But miss those days now…..
Happy – April Fool Day!!! 

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