Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Results after using Nioxin products

It’s almost a month now since I attended the launch of the world’s number one hair thinning solution product 'Nioxin' at the Bodycraft Spa in Bangalore. I spoke about my saloon experience, and promised a follow up post with the result on my own hair. (Click here to read the previous blog on Nioxin.)

Looking at the condition of my hair (normal, naturally thinning hair), I was recommended to use the Type 5 treatment. And now, here is the update:

As I hail from a state which is rich in natural resources, I always believe in herbal stuff. The saying of the great historian and traveler Huen Sung is always in top of my mind… that every plant of Assam has a medicinal value directly or indirectly. So, I was a bit skeptical to use Nioxin products daily…..as it says that it has some chemicals in composition. Yes! The beautician asked me to use it daily for 30 days. But… “SSh…sssssh….I did not use it daily for that reason….but used every alternate day, two/three times I skipped too…..means altogether probably 15 or 16 times in 30 days.”

So, how will I analyze now?

“Your hair looks good and better…did u do something?” Monalisa Hazarika, my school mate whom I meet frequently in Bangalore, asked me who came to my house few days back.

“You have such nice hair. I envy you.” Aditi Mathur, the writer, blogger said during our Bloggers’ meet at Goa last week while having our lunch together at The Lalit.

I understood. That means not only I, myself am feeling and seeing some difference, but probably the result of using Nioxin is distinctly visible. What are the changes, I can feel and find after using Nioxin :

  1. My Comb is less crowded with hair strands, I can even count them quickly now.
  2. Maid is happier as she gets less hair on the floor and the bathroom now a day.
  3. Smoothness of the hair increased. I feel good when I touch them. 
  4. Curls became better and thickness of the hair has increased.
  5. No dandruff on my head anymore.

Before using Nioxin, on the day of the Launch.

After Using the product 'Nioxin'  last week.

After Using the product 'Nioxin'  last week.

So, this is my own experience. The Nioxin claims that “70% users notice thicker denser-looking hair in 4 weeks” and I think I am among these 70% users. But, everyone has different texture of hair. If you are experiencing hair thinning problems, I would like to suggest that you should consult with a Nioxin specialist!

You can try and experience #NioxinNowIndia at your nearest salon. This activity is in association with BlogAdda.com

For more information, click at www.nioxin.com 

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