Friday, June 5, 2015

Post your Farewell Saree pic to Mirraw and win fabulous prizes

Remember borrowing that #saree from your mom? Exactly! Here's your chance to relive that moment. Simply post your #Farewellsaree pic on & WIN a 1k voucher!!

“I have always worn a saree when I want to put my best foot forward. The elegance, grace and sex appeal that the sari has to offer is unparalleled.” What Mandira Bedi thinks.

I am sure, most of us think in the similar way too. May be you love wearing gown in some special occasions, dresses in outings or skirts in office, but I think, most of you will agree that Saree has the ‘Wow’ factor, no matter if you wear or not wear regularly. Western culture is engulfing, lifestyle is changing, but ask any woman, at least 90% crowd will answer “Saree” as their favourite attire.

Yes, Saree is one of the most beautiful garments ever created. Does not matter, if you are thin or fat, tall or short, or of black or white complexion, even a simple sari can make you look spectacular depending on how you drap it and carry off.

While most women dress up in sarees for auspicious occasions like weddings, sangeet ceremonies, puja etc., many young women love to wear sarees for other parties or formal occasions like farewell party at school or college, first day and last day in office etc. Again, while there are so many options available to wear in the wedding or puja, it is a little tricky to decide what Saree to wear for a Farewell party or Freshmen Social. Most of the time, along with excitement, we are stuck with the anxiety to pick the right one.  

My office farewells, I had enough in my wardrobe to choose from. But, I still remember, during my college farewell, how I had managed to grab my mom’s blouse and saree. Luckily, my mom hand-stitched her blouse to make a perfect fit for me. 

You too must be having similar experience like me. Why don’t you share your farewell pic with, and win fabulous prizes!!! Yes, is conducting a farewell saree contest in which people will have to upload their pics in sarees taken on their farewell day. The theme is nostalgia as it will remind someone of the good old college or school days. 

Don’t miss the chance, flip your album pages and post the same right away!!!

How to apply ?

The contestant has to simply upload the #Farewellsaree picture on to Mirraw's FB page 

Based on the votes, Winners will be decided and announced on 8th June (Monday) 1st prize would be Rs. 1k voucher & the rest 4 winners will get 500 rupee voucher.

The contest is live from Today till Sunday (7th June) 11:59pm.

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