Saturday, June 6, 2015

Doing a bit on the Occasion at least

                             Elder say, in the morning, firstly see Green Trees,
                             Open the window to feel the breeze..
                             To soothe your eyes, To soothe your mind.
                             Walk with bare foot on the green grass,
                             Smell some flowers before you rush to do your routine tasks.

                             But now, what surround us?
                             Broken bottles, broken pieces of glass,
                             Pieces of burnt cigarettes and polythene on the grass
                             Jungle of trees lost its true implication,
                             Jungle of concrete is the new connotation    

                             Woods are mostly gone, who give you clean air to breathe
                             All healthy trees are gone because of greed…
                             Inorganics are sprayed on your food,
                             Dry air play with your mood...

                             There still many things to do,
                             But do you really care with the things around you?
                             It’s the time to usher
                             To get a toxic free future
                             Otherwise, when the last tree is cut,
                             You will realize that money can’t save your earth.

Happy Environment Day!!!!

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