Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ten Reasons to love Bangalore

1.    Good WeatherPensioner’s paradise’, ‘Garden City’, ‘AC City’ - Though so many pet names Bangalore has, global warming has already build a good relationship with the city to fade away the above referred names. But, still you can be without AC : a small satisfaction towards contributing to the environment at least.... most of the time you need a light blanket to sleep at night throughout the year….lovely breeze touch you even under the scorching sun in the summer, you get an option to have Pakodas and Tea with a cup of Garam Chai even in the Summer too... 


2.    Flowers in Spring : While Holi, the festival of colours marks the onset of Spring, colour splendour hits the streets of Bangalore too… An absolute treasure to watch.

3.    Enjoy Radio while stuck in traffic jam

4.    Read books while travelling in BusUbiquitous Red Volvo service with sparse passenger density gives ample space inside to hold a book and increase your knowledge horizon

Courtesy : Google Image

5.    Watch frequently organised Rock/ Pop programs

Courtesy: Partho Baruah through Epica

6.    Plan for frequent outings in the outskirts like Bannerghata National Park, Wonderla, Innovative film city, Mysore, Ooty etc.

7.    Have a quick Tiffin (brunch or lunch) in clean Corner/ roadside Fast Food eateries

8.    Mind refreshing Filter coffee easily available in every nook & corner

9.    Play Badminton or soccer in large no of indoor and outdoor sporting facilities like Power Play, EKam Sports Arena, Gurukul Sports Complex etc.

10.  Plan for a start up, attend start up events frequently, be an Entrepreneur.

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