Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Craving for Cars : Are Hormones at Play?

“Beta, tell me, ‘M’ for?”

“Mc Queen!!!!”

“Ok, ‘T’ for?”

“Tow Matter”

“Mamma….Look ! Mercedes Car, …..Look! That is Audi Car….Look! That is Volkswagen Car…”

Have you experienced this? I am sure, if you have a baby boy, and if he is at least a toddler, you must have.

For boys, and I mean most of them, even if he is less than two years, it’s like the gene for cars and wheels suddenly become hyper active. As if a fascination for vehicles and machinery is coded into the DNA of his chromosome. My son is no exception.

I have embraced my son’s craving for all cars. In fact, I find myself getting excited too, when I spot one of his beloved cars. Many a times, I find myself shouting with him, with genuine enthusiasm, when he says “Look Mamma! Volkswagen Das Auto!” (He thinks this is the full name of the car like his own name Kavyanil Das), or “Look Mamma! This is a Maruti Suzuki Car”, when he sees them pass by.

But what…..now with all puzzles and games too, he would try to fit in all his cars…......Heights!!!!!! :)

All these Monuments he would build with Mamma and Papa….and try to fit in all his cars everywhere, be it Taj Mahal,  Eifle Tower, or London Bridge……..Don't know what to do!!!! :(

Are Hormones at Play?

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