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Starting my Smartphone journey with the all new Moto E (2nd Gen)

I had a unique mentality. I was happy with my basic, old phone, which was rich in keeping contact numbers, e-mail ids, sms, and few basic games. So, why I needed to buy a costly Smart Phone looking at others? I agree that smartphones are generally sleek and can keep one stay connected on-the-go. But, is it extremely necessary in our lives? First, you just pay a heavy bucks and then always be extra-careful about your precious phone. Waste your time on installing apps you don’t need, just install, because your friend or colleague recommended it, or the internet swears by it. There are just too many notifications popping up on your phone, and all of them seem urgent, and make you busy in replying office mails in the midnight too.

However, among my colleagues and peers, my phone used to look like an antique piece. They would crack jokes on Whatsapp, continue their backbiting, mimicry, sarcasm against boss in lunch time, do lots of masti through social media, and above all, many of them got appreciations from the senior management for instant response of office e-mails, and be termed as smart workers.

I had Ego problem. And also, probably, I had a strong emotional attachment with my basic phone. Why I won’t, I bought that mobile phone from my first salary. But, unknowingly, I started doing introspection. I struggled whether I really needed a smartphone to stay connected and up to date? Well, I was still confused. 

However, I wrote down all the points to determine whether a smartphone should be my next technology purchase or should I continue with my basic phone.

Q. How often do I want Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and other social media platforms?  Do I need easy access too?
Ans. I use them, needed all of them.  Besides, how on earth do I ever live without Google and Facebook? And Yes, easy access can be the icing on the cake.

Q. What is my hobby? …….Listening to songs. But how much time I spend in listening to music?  Hundreds of Cassettes and CDs I have, but do I still use them?
Ans. I need something easy to use...probably I would prefer to stream music on a phone.

Q. Why am I lagging behind my colleagues and peers? Does my work expect me to answer email promptly, even when I'm away from the office?
Ans. Actually yes. I was always late in replying mails.

Q. Am I missing the group masti, sarcasm against my boss in Whatsapp?
Ans. Yes, I can’t take part in their funny or serious discussions.

Q. What I do when I get lost while searching for some unfamiliar destination?
Ans. I stop and ask directions to the shop keepers or road siders, autowallas. And I used to loss lots of time….sometime even hours. So, I would prefer to access GPRS and Google maps for getting into the right track.

Q. How do I pass my time when hubby is busy in his office work and child has gone out to play with his friends, or if I am standing in a queue in a doctor’s clinic?  
Ans. Doing nothing. I need something engaging to pass my time, may be playing games on my phone or checking out the latest news and gossip online. 

Q. Can I lighten my bag which is filled with my portable GPS, laptop, eReader, MP3 player and handheld game device and my camera, while traveling?
Ans. Yes, absolutely.

Q. How do you keep track of multiple schedules, deadlines and plans?  Do I need some cool scheduling apps?  
Ans. Yes, ofcourse.

I understood that I had resisted my mind, temptation long enough allowing my Ego to dictate my conscience. It's my time to update the basic flip-phone with a high-tech smartphone. I wanted to stay connected on-the-go and keep track of my life with some handy gadget.

I narrowed my search by deciding which features are the most important to me—think about the things I’ll be doing with my new cell phone.

And after spending enormous time in research, I found Moto E will be perfect for me….a phone, packed with many features and functionality which is developed to give people around the world even greater access to life’s possibilities - without a hefty price tag.

What I got in Moto E (2nd Gen):

A premium smartphone experience for people like me who don’t want to spend a lot of money, but want to have all trendy technology experience. I bought this mobile phone at Rs. 6,999 from flipkart.

Moto E with its signature design language: a curved back, ergonomically designed, as if to fit perfectly in my hand— a sleek look to flaunt.

Now, I click selfies by just twisting my wrist, listen to the music with awesome sound experience.


I get my hands dirty with many resource hungry games and applications on the phone whenever I want to relax and am extremely happy with its performance. All the regular applications are simultaneously running damn smoothly.

It has two wonderful features : Moto Display and Motorola Assist. With Moto Display, the Moto E will stay dark until I nudge it or get a notification, so I can stay up on top of things with just a subtle glance. And with Motorola Assist’s Sleep Mode and Meeting Mode, I can tell Moto E when I don’t want to be bothered. In the sleeping profile, there is an option to ring the phone when a favorite contact calls me twice, which is useful.

It was my great technology buy. Great design, Great engineering and Great software!!!

What are the specifications of this awesome phone?

Start connecting at 4G LTE / 4G speed

Start browsing the web, streaming music, playing games and watching videos all at 4G LTE speeds. The new Moto E is also be available in a 3G version.2

Do more, faster, with a quad-core processor
The new Moto E features a powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor with a 1.2GHz quad-core CPU and advanced graphics. Start switching back and forth between your favorite apps without slowing down. Or listen to music and surf the web at the same time -- without missing a beat.

Keep going with an all-day battery

With a 2390 mAh battery, the new Moto E is designed to last a full day2. Dash to school or work in the morning. Meet up with family or friends. Then head out for the evening. All without worrying about stopping to recharge.

Take more shots with two cameras 

The new Moto E comes with a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera and a second camera in front, making it perfect for selfies or video calls with family and friends. With two twists of the wrist, you can launch the camera with Motorola’s Quick Capture feature. Want to take a selfie? Just twist your wrist again to switch to the front-facing camera. All without touching the screen. 

Start with the latest Android™ OS, Lollipop 

The new Moto E runs Android™ Lollipop, the latest version of the world’s most popular mobile operating system.

Let the fun begin...just add color 

Give your phone a splash of color with interchangeable Motorola Bands and Grip Shells3. Start with a black or white phone and then choose from six Motorola Bands like turquoise or raspberry, or attach a colorful Grip Shell for added protection from scrapes and spills.

Make it easy with Moto software experiences 

With the new Moto E, you get premium Moto experiences like Moto Display for notifications and updates without interruptions and Moto Migrate to quickly and easily transfer contacts, photos and videos to your new phone. 

The new Moto E is coming to over 50 countries in Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia. 

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