Friday, March 13, 2015

Me Time

“Please leave me alone! Let me have some ‘Me Time’!”  

“I need some ‘Me Time’ plzzzz!!!!” 

Have you ever come across this kind of situation? If not, you should, you will….’coz, Urbanization is voguish everywhere…

Does not matter, if you have a beautiful girlfriend, handsome boyfriend or a happy family and life's going on smoothly ; anyone of us can have ‘Me Time’.

‘Me’ is you and ‘Me Time’ means your time.  There are many benefits of ‘Me time’. It's good for all of us if we use properly. Taking time of ourselves imparts psychological and physical benefits. If you give yourself a break, you'll feel refreshed and happier. If you focus on any activity which you enjoy, stress levels go down and you have time to recharge the batteries.

Specially, if you are angry with your Spouse, irritated by your kidoo or mother-in-law, or bored of your monotonous life, then, surely you should opt for ‘Me Time’.  Take a break, stop all whatever you are doing. Sit down in some peaceful place (as now a days, there is no Roh Ghar) like your room, cafe, park or anywhere you know you will not be disturbed. Question yourself "what activity will make me feel good?". It may be that you like painting, reading, shopping, jogging, meditation, writing blogs, poems, or any other relaxation activity you may enjoy. 

For Mums, or working women, after taking care of the family, busy day work, childcare, there never seems to be enough time left for themselves. Me time can rejuvenate her…We all need to cut ourselves some slack for the sake of our sanity.

For men too, when they have me time, they can lose themselves in what they are doing and celebrate themselves. But, should keep in mind that me time does not mean to sleep and look at the Whatsapp messages or browsing meaningless websites. In that case, ‘Your time’ or ‘Family time’ will be better than ‘Me time’.

What’s say?

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