Tuesday, March 31, 2015

First day in school : No Choice

First day in school…. The teacher took away my child to the classroom…..He did not want to go out of my cozy
and ensconcing lap. I could hear his cry increasing gradually… I felt like running inside the classroom and hold him, kiss him….console him….

My hubby hugged me seeing my eye drops, the principal said, “Don’t worry Ma’am, just two hours…It’s very usual, all kids cry a lot on getting separated from their parents.”

Came back to the car….as if I still could hear his cry….I too cried loud….could not resist myself thinking that it was his first step to go away from my lap.

That was the time when he crossed the second year of his life. The days are flying….Now he is four year old.

Learning alphabets and numbers is now no big deal….shouting his lungs out while singing the rhymes with his classmates is now his enjoyment, playing and outing make him more energetic….He now gets homework too….

Today is the last day of his pre-school. The school year winds down.

I feel good to see him growing, enjoying his bindaas times. But somehow, sometime I feel by heart…am I really happy to see him growing so fast…..???


Summer vacation started. The days are growing warmer. He is now all set to have a good time in summer camp with his friends.....

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