Sunday, March 22, 2015

Run To The Edge Of The World

Does ‘The Edge Of The World’ sound like a scary or threatening thought for you?

For me, ‘No’ at least. 

Why? …..There is no Edge to the Earth in reality. And in the same tone, there is no any real sense of this phrase too. 

It's a common phrase used among the teenagers. Probably, some deep and serious lovers say “I would go to the edge of the world for you….”, but how many rejected and dejected lovers put their lives in risk or died? If died, then we term them as Coward.

I have a real life experience. I and my best friend Raina took an early morning tuition class for my Advanced Mathematics class in the last year of my school. It was fun to go in the early morning with the best friend.

Second week onwards, we observed something. While coming back from our tuition, ‘Kancha' used to follow us till some distance. Kancha was a boy of our age from our neighborhood. He was a Nepali boy adopted by an Assamese family. Probably he went to school till Class VIII or Class IX. We did not know much about him. But my parents had a good terms with that Assamese family. Many a times, I accompanied my mom to visit their house. I did exchanged pleasantries with him twice or thrice. Raina just knew him by face, but never talked to him. 

We ignored initially. First two weeks, he would stand under a banyan tree and observe us from a distance. As we cross his spot, he would start following us walking behind at a distance of about 50 mts. Next week, he started bringing his cycle. Now instead of walking, he would ride the cycle slowly and then cross us after sometime from back to front and again return and look at us from front. That was truly irritating, but we tried to ignore.

One day, he approached us, gave me a love letter. I refused. He again sent a letter saying he can die for me. I rejected the proposal. He conveyed the message that he can go to the edge of the world for me, through various medium. I refused the proposal. I approached my elder cousin brother. Kancha was threatened. 

Did he try further to approach me?....Did he die? Nope, he is living his happy life now.

This is a common story in most of the girls’ lives in their teenage specially. But, exception is everywhere ofcourse.

However, though I find no real sense in this phrase ‘The Edge of the World’, I feel, it has lots of meaning hidden in it.

What it can mean?

1.    The phrase carries a bag of tremendous emotions.
If your parents are in trouble….You just tell them that you would go to the edge of the world for them. No one can stop the eyedrops of happiness in their eyes…….Just words become thousand times stronger than the deed. 

2.    The phrase can instantly increase courage.  
You are in trouble and your partner assures with this phrase. Unknowingly you get courage thinking that someone is there with you, to stand with you, to walk along with you.

3.    It implies unlimited love and affections for you.
Your lover is showing love through various medium, but you are ignoring. One day, he meets you and says that he can run to the edge of the world for you. I bet you, with this phrase he would surely engrave his name in your mind and soul, does not matter whether you accept or reject his proposal. Example, I still remember the name and incident of Kancha.

4.    It shows unconditional bonding.
Look at your child silently……what you feel?  I am sure a pure vibe will run through your conscience, you will feel “I can go to the Edge of the World for all your happiness and success, my Child”. Don’t or won’t you?

So, according to me the phrase “The Edge of the World” is a heavy word, loaded with lots of emotion, strength, courage, love and affection, which can bring tremendous positivity to the loved one's life, though it does not have any real sense. 

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