Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Annoying Aunty, but funny too

Today as the first day of blogging for A to Z April 2015 Challenge, I took up a light topic : A for “Annoying Aunty”

Boby aunty usually come to our home after having lunch, to escape from her daytime sleep. Ofcourse, sometimes before lunch too, to have a cup of tea and do some chatting. My brother tries his level best not to come out of his room during her visit. But, I love to get the muft gyan and information from aunty.

“You should not sleep in day time. You will become fat. Moti ladki se kaun shaadi kadenge.”

“Put haldi chandan every alternate day, tumhara kala rang goda ho jayega… aaj kal tou sirf fair-skinned bride hee ‘wanted’ me hai na!!!” 

She is very much concerned about our neighbor entrepreneur couple, who does not have children, even after 3 years of their marriage. Boby aunty whispers in front of my mom who is indifferent to all these issues, “In logo ka tou zarur kush problem hai. Maine Shalini ko bola, bahu ko le jao doctor ke paas, achi tarah se elaaz karwao…. Auur Shalini bhi na, itna free-ness de ke rakha hai bahu ko…..jeans aaur skirt bhi pehenti hai!!!”

“Shaadi se pehle jo pehenna hai pehno, but after marriage you should wear only Saree, or Salwaar. Akhir, log kya kahenge???” Boby aunty’s advices to all mother in laws.

“…I have trained my daughter-in-law on this. She obeys my all advices and orders. Whenever I go to stay with them in Delhi, she always in Saree at home and wear Salwaar while she goes to office. Bahu ho to aeisi…meri bahu jaisi!!!”  Boby aunty's chest swelled with proudness.

Boby aunty’s son is in my brother's Facebook friend list. My Bro could hear our conversation from the another room, as aunty's voice became louder and clearer while flaunting about her own family. He called me suddenly to show some pictures…..

Few pictures of last year when Boby aunty went to Delhi to spend some time with son and daughter in law : In some pictures, aunty’s bahu is in half pant holding aunty on her shoulders, in some others, bahu is in sleeveless frock like a 12 years old girl. Aunty is smiling wide….; was enjoying her best time probably!!!! 

The Post is a part of A to Z April 2015 Challenge

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