Saturday, March 8, 2014

Advantage of a Career Woman

Usually we used to argue….me and one of my friends!  He was a bachelor at that time and a good friend of my husband too. Whenever he used to be late from office, he would call us up and be our guest, especially for dinner.

Dinner-time used to be our argument-time. We used to argue in various topics…like on food, communities, films, and above all what is an ideal wife.

He was in search of a life –partner that time. A huge pressure from parents made him mad in search of a definition of good and bad wife. What he found out, if a girl wears jeans, skirts, open –talker, working lady and not a good cook, she will surely not be an ideal woman to marry.  He determined to marry a girl from his own community, ’coz he believed his community girls were perfect to be an ideal wife – submissive, good looking, good cook, don’t wear jeans, wears only saree after marriage and mostly housewives.

I used to argue, argue and argue…. Gone are the days, when woman had only one or two options of outfit; western apparels and fashion are well accepted and now extremely popular in every nook and corner of the country, so, can it be a parameter to decide an ideal woman. Gone are the days, when woman’s career used to take a back seat, and her boundary was limited to the four walls of the kitchen and be dominated by the male being.

I will surely say that traditional wife who cooks, cleans, takes care of the kids, family members is good. But, we will have to accept that a capable, independent and career-oriented woman can also bring enormous advantages.

What are the advantages??? (Advocating a working woman today, like Chetan Bhagat!!!)

  • A career woman can be a good partner of her spouse to discuss about his career. She may be able to relate better to the organizational issues than a housewife. She understands the office politics and sometimes can give good advices also.
  • Working woman expands the family income sources. Today’s expensive world, a working spouse can help one feel more secure about finances. May be, one has not to worry much about lay-offs or economic uncertainties of present day world.
  • Idle mind is devil’s workshop. As working woman keeps herself busy in various official works, doesn’t get enough time to give interest to trivial matters, and this in turn can lead to more harmony.
  • A working lady is exposed to the external world, for which she can bring back more knowledge and information that can be useful to the family. Whether it's the latest deals or the best mutual fund to invest in, or even new holiday destinations, a working woman can add to the quality of life.
  •  The children of a career woman learn to be more independent and have scope to do better than pampered children.
  • Career women often find some accomplishment in their jobs, apart from home. Thus, they may have better life satisfaction, and feel less dependent on the man. Of course, all these benefits ensue if men considers women as equals.
  •  Many working women are better cooks as they are exposed to new dishes, varieties of food, while housewives, sometimes become bored of regular cooking.

So, according to me,

Good wife + a good mother = a good homemaker.
Good wife + a good mother + a good career = a successful woman!!!

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