Saturday, March 1, 2014

Do you believe in Ghost?

I was 8 yrs. old then.

I have three aunts (Maahi) and two uncles (Mama). My eldest Maahi is a singer. She was awarded the best singer in that year in a competition held among the seven states of Northeast India, somewhat similar to today’s Indian idol.

The competition was held in Shillong. As the commuting and communication, both were so complicated in those days that my both grandparents had to accompany Maahi. Both my Mama were studying in different places. So, other two Maahi (both were below 15 yrs) had to be the guards of the house. I had to be a mental armour being with them as my winter vacation was going on.

My grandparent’s house was in a small village of Sibsagarh. In the front, just other side of the road, there was a big pond, then a small vegetable garden and after that a dense forest. There was a gap of atleast 50mtrs/100mtrs in between every house. After two houses at the right side, there was a huge paddy field. 

The first day, we very sensibly closed the boundary gate, all doors and windows, and slept in the same room.

The second day, we forgot to close the boundary gate. When realisation stroke our minds, it was already dark outside. We could not gather courage to go out and close the gate. We also forgot to close three/four windows in the drawing room. The drawing room had atleast 8 windows. Both the Maahi started closing the windows one by one and I was the bystander. 

While closing the windows, suddenly we all heard one male unfamiliar tired voice… “Daughter, how are you, why are you closing the windows…..” Immediately one Maahi saw an old man in clean white dress standing near the window she was closing. She screamed, but closed the window. Another Maahi just heard the voice, but could not see anyone while closing another window…..We all tremendously got scared!!! Thank God, by that time all windows were closed. We felt for a moment as if we were in a dream.

We came out from that room immediately, went to another room from which there was a clear visibility of the front yard. The yard was so big that a person will take atleast sometime to run away from our boundary. We could see no one there nearby the window, but there was a white shadow in the air as if going out through the open gate. We could hear dogs barking at the neighbourhood.

We still think….what was that – was a negative power or an old man who came to scare us intentionally!!!!!
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