Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring in Bangalore! Loving it!

While Holi, the festival of colours has marked the onset of Spring, colour splendour hits the streets of Bangalore too… An absolute treasure to watch.

The trees lining the roads are in full bloom. During February, the trees shed all their leaves and come March, the flowers start appearing.  Post March, the trees start regaining their leaves. 

The canopy of Pink Tabebuia is common along the main thoroughfares of the city, a spectacle to adore during this season. Be in Marathahalli, Jaya Nagar, Whitefield…..where not!

                                                      Near Hypercity Mall, Kundanhalli

                                                                 ITPL, Whitefield

One of the most beautiful trees, flowering in spring is the Jacaranda which is said to have originated from Brazil. It has purple flowers and in full bloom, it looks stunning. The panoramic views of these trees are increasing the scenic beauty of the airport road in Bangalore.

                                                          Airport Road, Near Hebbal

The awning green roads near HAL and MG Road are real spectacle to sooth our eyes in all seasons, but the Spring embellishes the beauty!!!

                                                 Old Airport Road, Near HAL Market

                                                                     Near MG Road                      

Now, I understand why people call Bangalore a Garden city. But the way people are cutting the trees to build the real state, no doubt, the label of Garden city will soon be a history.

NGOs, Social activists are putting the hoardings, writings articles for plantation. But are these guys doing the plantation actively, seriously!!!  I am wondering, coz I have not seen any serious plantation anywhere till now; if they are really doing it in some corner of the city, probably, I am not aware of.

However, I think if we come together and start doing some plantation, even in our own locality, we can help Bangalore to retain the label of ‘Garden City’!


Avada Kedavra said...

I just finished putting a post on spring flowers and saw your post.
I miss Bangalore. :( Loved the pics.

Avada Kedavra said...

I just finished putting a post on spring flowers and saw your post.
I miss Bangalore. :( Loved the pics.

Madhumita Phukan said...

Thanks Avada, I clicked all these pics by a mobile phone while driving. I think you could have done a better job!!!! :)

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