Friday, March 7, 2014

Climbing the Coconut tree to search few seeds of Maths

Class V. At Margherita, a small town in Assam.

Class test before half yearly exam. Scored 3 out of 20 in Maths, 7 out of 20 in English….(See, I was better in English!!! ;) ) rest I don’t remember. I was cool. It was Govt. school, so teachers were least bothered. Parents also did not have enough time to ask about my marks as my father got the transfer order those days and Mom was busy in preparation for shifting.

We shifted to Teok from Margherita. 

My dad took a rented house bang opposite to a girls’ school. He met the principal and then admitted me in that school. Every girl in my class was excited to have a new mate and wanted to be my friend. The 1st and the 2nd girls – Mayuri and Pranamika both got worried if I would steal their ranks. I also enjoyed being Çentre of Attraction!!!

Just few days later, there were class tests on Maths and Moral Science. Then only the mouse had to come out of the den! ;)

In the Maths test, everyone was drawing perpendicular lines (90 degree) using geometrical instruments...... I was a little puzzled....what was going on....I wondered around for a while, peeped at my nearby looked as if they were drawing some Banana tree/ Coconut tree (you know, something cross kind of curves on the top of a vertical line)....But why they required geometrical instrument for drawing that.....may be to avoid buttery hands. I was good at art works (something I feel, came naturally to me by the grace of GOD), hence decided to give it a shot with my bare hands....Felt little chest up. Huh...! Let me show you how to do it.....

Finally, I possibly crafted out the best Coconut Tree ever in my life in my exam interpretation of Perpendicular bisector.

Oh..dear O' dear....not done yet....


...I flashed some good Light & Shade for making it more visibly appealing.....Felt Good inside....complete satisfaction of a splendid work.


Moral Science, I got 3 out of 20. The day, my teacher returned the copy, I threw it behind the refrigerator in the kitchen. I was bindaas after that, as I was sure that even God would also not get that copy easily.

In the evening, I was lying in the veranda, singing few hit Hindi movie songs one after another, probably “Zubi Zubi Zubi zu zu Zubi Zubi Zubi..”, “I am a disco dancer...”, “Aap jaisa koi mere zindegi me aaye..” etc. Suddenly two ladies came to our home……I recognized one, she was none other than my Moral Science teacher cum our new neighbour. I was confused how to react now, what to do.

I immediately ran to the bedroom and tried to hear what she was saying to my Dad, “Your daughter is very bad in study…..this is the prime time to bring her in track…..She got only 3 in my subject.”

I got scared…..what to do, where to go now, beating was sure from Dad! I went directly under the bed to save myself.

My Dad called me… “Momie!!! Where r u…..Come here immediately!” I dídn’t respond. Again he called…. “Momie!!! I said come here immediately!!!”

I had no way….but had to go and present my innocent face….!!!

He asked me where was the copy…..I had to tell him the truth….With lots of difficulties, had to bring out the copy from the backside of the refrigerator. 

My Dad hold my ears tightly and took me to the front yard which was full of grass…..asked me to kneel down there till the time he called me back. 

It was summer time, it was drizzling. As it was already dark, so there was no chance of getting caught by any of my friends. I did not feel so bad, rather enjoyed the soft carpet of the grass. Had only one issue - there was a fear of leech in every second…!!!! ;)

I was yet to get the Maths copy……. I thought, “Hope, I get good marks for the beautiful coconut tree…I am sure it’s far far better than other’s drawings!!!”  

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