Friday, March 28, 2014

Trick to handle gigantic buffalo

Just out of University! Bindaas time.

Those days were for planning, what to do next, whether to do a job or study further. We four girls – Anubha, Mausumi, Swastika and me took two rooms in the fourth floor of a big apartment at Katwariya Sarai. A congested, low cost living, student area of South Delhi. 

There was a long and narrow entrance to our building – at least 100 mtr long and 4ft wide. Both sides of the entry lane were covered by the windowless walls of two buildings. 

Ever visited this place?......You will get to see lots of donkeys, buffalos and various species of fly in this area. Two gigantic black buffalos were dwelling near our passage. Almost everyday, all residents used to struggle to reach the main road, as generally both of them used to block our narrow path. 

Anubha, Mausumi used to keep standing there for half an hour, sometimes one hour, while waiting for the clearance. But, I was unlike them. I was the bravest of all! I never used to wait for clearance. Actually, I knew a trick. ;)

I read about the life-history of Great Shankardev, how he encountered with a wild buffalo without weapon and turned him upside down only holding his horns. I portrayed this picture in my mind. So, I understood if you grasp the horns of a buffalo, he cannot do anything to you. I tried to teach Anubha and Mausumi this trick, but they never dared to learn!!!! 

One day, Anubha and me, both were going to the market. The titan was standing on our way. Anubha refused to put her step forward. But, I used my trick. I went frontward, clasped the horns, moved him aside, and freed the way for Anubha. We shopped, and then were coming back happily. Again, ‘Sir’ was standing in the same place blocking the passage. I went ahead….cordially held his horns and tried to turn him aside, and holding his horns only, I asked Anubha to cross. But, whaa…aat happ…end!!!

All of a sudden, my hands got a huge shake…a high pressure from the opposite side…heard Anubha shouting extremely loud……. earwigged Almighty’s whisper in my ears….. “Bhaago Madhu….run run…save your life……..”….. and….and……then no turn back….ran and ran till I found myself in the fourth floor. Probably, I would have broken PT Usha’s record with that speed….! Felt like the giant was climbing all the steps chasing me till the fourth floor.

At last, I had to put my break as there was no way to go ahead… front of my room’s locked door, dishevelled and trying to regain my lost breath.

After half an hour, I could see Anubha coming with a pleasant smile.
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