Friday, March 14, 2014

Facebook Freak Aunty

Couple of months back, I saw one of our neighbour aunts in Facebook. Her age will be around 47-48 yrs. I was very happy to see her there. She works as a clerk in a government organization.

She sent me the friend request. I accepted. And I started getting all her updates. Every day she would pose in different style, click pics and upload on Facebook, and accumulate lots of ‘Like’ and comments. She would leave no occasion unturned to click pics in fancy dresses. 

I met her one day and expressed my happiness to see her frequent updates. She replied, “You know na, in govt. office, we don’t have much work, so I thought to engage myself totally into social media to pass my time.”

Gradually, I observed her Friend list picking up momentum, soon it crossed 1500 friends. I thought ‘Wow’; I have less than 1000 friends in my list being in Facebook for so long! Probably her son’s and daughter’s friends are also her friends now. Her kids are in hostels, one in Dehradun and another in Orissa.

My inquisitive mind….just felt like looking at her friend list. 

And I did.....

Ohhh…I was wrong….Her son and daughter, both are not in her friend list, neither her husband. Her 90% friends are male. Chiseled bodied hunks, infamous rockstars, students, open for secret relationship, unsatisfied Man and what not!!! Besides, the list is a global friendlist – crossed almost all the geographical boundaries - some from Russia, some from India, someone from Pakistan, some from Bangladesh etc….

Became nosier. So, wanted to ‘peek a boo’ at the comments she was amassing. 

‘Looking beautiful’, looking attractive’, ‘looking sexy’, ‘looking voluptuous’…….level is going higher and higher…..special comments from those rockstars. Aunty is also equally responding with ‘Thank You’…..… 

I wondered if she is aware of this feature of Facebook that her comments, updates, friendlist can be explored by anyone. I am still thinking, is it her mid-life crisis, time pass or her ignorance. Or am I becoming too speculative in other’s affair….

1 comment:

sunil deepak said...

Is there a slight twinge of ageism (how can such an old aunty ...) mixed up with a bit of jealousy at her courage ...?? :)

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