Thursday, March 6, 2014

What are you gifting me tomorrow?

“What are you gifting me tomorrow?”

“Why?” Mr. Das asked his wife with an astounded look.

“Tomorrow is Woman’s day, Man! Where r u??? We all girls will go to BarbeQ Nation and celebrate the day there.”  Mr. Das is so much drowned in his official work these days that he is not getting enough time to peep through the newspaper nor to watch even his favourite news channel.

“Girls???” Mr. Das pronounced the word lowering his voice, looking at his 40 yrs. old wife.

Mrs. Das caught the word, “I mean – Yes Girls, I am still a girl. I still feel like a youngster unlike you, uncle!!!...Anyways, don’t divert me – what are gifting me tomorrow?”

“What you want?” 

“Monalisa’s hubby is gifting her a Tanishq necklace set.”

“Her hubby is a big shot of a company.” Mr. Das replied.

“Luxmi’s husband is gifting a diamond ring.”

“Her husband frequently visits US.” Mr. Das wanted to play a safe game.

“Preeti’s husband is gifting her an XUV.”

“Does she know driving? …I am sure that will be driven by her husband only. It’s just an excuse.” Mr. Das replied with a full gusto. 

“I agree she does not know driving, but still……, anyways, it’s a matter of status now. Don’t divert me, what are you gifting me tomorrow…???”

Mr. Das was thoughtful…..silent….

“I don’t have any good dress to wear tomorrow, no good set of ornament to flaunt….”

“Why? …. I have given you a gown last week, right, which I bought from Paris?” He enquired.

“That’s I can wear only in the evening, if you take me to a candle light dinner….. Will you take me please….Please…..!!!!” , Mrs. Das came close to him, hold his hand, sat on the floor….her eyes became brighter…… “Please! Please!!!!”

“…………….hmmmm….Ok.”….Mr. Das reconciled.

“Wooowww!!! Ohooooo!!! You are so lovely husband….I love you so much….!!!!”

Mrs. Das jumped and directly went to her rich wardrobe to make her dresses ready for the day party and for the candle-light dinner……but….

“You bought me the gown, but I don’t have ornaments to wear with that….and no other than diamond earrings and pendant will match with the dress…”, She was just about to weep…

“Ok, ok….will give you, don’t cry!” …..Mr. Das opened the laptop to see the balance in his bank accounts. As it is the financial year end, he has yet to make many financial investments to save taxes.
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