Saturday, March 15, 2014

Holi at University Hostel

Holi is back! It’s now time to take out our pichkaris and be all set to target those who are determined not to play with colours this time.

Am I being too naughty? …..becoming Nostalgic now.

I'm sure we all have done some really wet and wild stuff around this time of the year!

The final year of my University days. I was in hostel R.C.C.-1. Most of the 1st floor final year girls decided not to play Holi that year. We had two blocks in the first floor. Pratibha was the naughtiest and extremely energetic girl from one block…and I think, no need to say –that I was the wackiest from our block. And yes Nahid was another one of my kind, the remaining of the lot, Jyotika, Juri, Padmaja, Bornali, Sinu – all were always referred as gentle –girls. Mala and Banalaxmi were referred as matured, and few others were always busy with their classes, boyfriends and regular datings under the Krishnachura (Gulmohar) trees…..

I bought few packets of Gulal from our University market the previous day, maintaining full secrecy. Even my prefect room partner Jyotika was also not aware of that.

The Holi day morning. 


Jyotika always used to get up early. She would make tea for both of us and then wake me up. After that we would study for about an hour or so. The routine was same that day too. But, around 8 am, I suddenly became hyper-energetic. I jumped on Jyotika, coloured her face, hair, dresses…..She was confused and shouted in my Gorilla attack, but too snatched the colours from me and retaliated. And the day began.

Both of us attacked the girls who were in bathroom, balcony, and corridors. Gradually, the team became bigger and bigger. I realised that other girls also bought Gulal like me the previous day itself as a stock.

We invaded the other block….All came out to play except Pratibha and Mala. The great room partners! We knocked the door, banged the door, and threatened them to attack even later on also….At last Mala came out. We transformed her into a prototype of a colourful wet cat…!!! Now, she joined our team. But Pratibha…..

We put many buckets of water one after another, through the door gaps and the ventilation. Her room was totally flooded. But, Pratibha was obstinate. Time was passing on, and we were losing patience.

At last, what we did - we made a heap of buckets, kept two buckets of colourful water on the top, in such a way that if she opens the door the water will fall down on her for sure. Not only that, we kept at least five brooms, ten stove, few umbrellas so that she could not come out of the trap easily.

At last we all took bath and had our lunch. Mala had to borrow cloth from others. We all waited for a big boom sound when Pratibha would open the door……. 

Happy Holi !!!!!        

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