Saturday, April 18, 2015

Pain in mind and soul

                  The Post is for A to Z April 2015 Challenge, I took up a topic : 'P' for 'Pain'

Sanjay was managing himself somehow with tremendous patience……the ambiance became extremely gloomy…..The shiny sun also was unable to bring some brightness to the surroundings. His son and daughter reached home in the morning…..But still they could not take Pragya to the burial ground…as postmortem was yet to be done.  

All of them along with few neighbors were waiting in front of the postmortem centre. From far only, Sanjay could see Rajeev coming fast with an extremely depressed face. He was coming directly from the airport. Sanjay could understand what he might be feeling….Rajeev was always so close to his family, specially him and Pragya. After all, since school, Rajeev and Sanjay were best friends. Both of them could not help crying loud, hugging each other….Others just pitched in and consoled them and managed the situation somehow.

After an hour, the police came and called Sanjay inside a room. Rajeev also accompanied.

“Accident was really terrible. Her face is badly damaged…..Can you please tell us any secret spot from which we can be sure in recognition?” The police asked Sanjay.

Sanjay tried his hard to recall….if he could think of any secret spot in Pragya’s body...

“Yes, yes, there was a small red birth mark in her chest…..just below her right……” …Rajeev paused realizing…what he was saying….

Sanjay looked at Rajeev……a blank look …….Rajeev could not look up, just silently left the place with a never come back manner.

Sanjay could feel some pain in his mind and soul….

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