Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Honesty is valued by all

The Post is for A to Z April 2015 Challenge, I took up a topic : 'H' for Honesty'

Delhi, 2012.  One Evening.

“Bhaiya, How much for these Bananas?”

“Rs. 120.”

I handed over Rs. 200 to the Fruitseller.

“Do you have Rs. 20 change, Madam?”

“I am sure I don’t have, but still, let me check” I said. Yes, I had two Rs.10 leaves luckily. I gave him Rs.20, took my bananas and moved from there to the Vegetable seller, which was just next to his shop. Suddenly I recalled that I did not take Rs. 100 from the Fruitwala. To confirm, I checked my bag and pockets. 

I went to him and told him that he did not return me my Rs.100.

“No, I returned you..” He was firm…and as if was ready to give me a prompt reply.

“I had Rs. 300 and few changes. Now, I have only Rs. 100 and the changes.” I showed him my wallet.

“How come I know? Probably, you dropped somewhere.” Saying that he tried to ignore me and started arranging his fruits.

People gathered as that was the centre of the market – Bhagwan Nagar Chawk. Some men came and started asking me, “What happened Madam?”….I told them the problem….All listened, smiled and few just asked the Fruitwala to give back the money softly. But, he was not ready, and refused with smile….

The mob just started enjoying our fight. 

I understood that I should move from there as I did not want to be the protagonist of that circus anymore. 

“This Rs. 100 is nothing for me, but may be big amount for you….Keep it. God bless you!!!” Saying that I came back home….felt shattered, cheated….Had to cry loud to face the dishonesty.

Bangalore, 2012. Same Evening.

My hubby was in Bangalore those days. Coincidentally, he had similar incident.

“Bhaiya, I think, you did not return me Rs, 70, yesterday. I bought Orange from you yesterday evening.” My hubby said to the Fruitwala, though he was sure that the fruitwala would give a negative answer. 

The fruitwala looked at my hubby’s face thoroughly, took out Rs.70 from his money bag and gave to my hubby.

Hubby was so impressed with his honesty that even now also, whenever he passes by  Marathahalli market, he would never miss to buy bag-full of fruits from him….

I think this is called honesty!!!!

Honesty is valued by all, and when we are dishonest, people loss faith on us.

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