Thursday, April 30, 2015

A message from Zoo

                     The Post is for A to Z April 2015 Challenge, I took up a topic : 'Z' for 'Zoo'

So many visitors today! Probably today is Sunday. I can see some lovely kids, they are very excited to see me….. They would surely be happier if I get up and do some actions. But alas! I am feeling really weak these days…..could not eat properly….food is not good at all, water is too smelly.  My room is also very dirty. The sweeper hardly come and clean it properly….Don’t know how many days I will live in this way….

What were those days….!!! Green,  green everywhere. Spend time in ponds, swamp areas or relax under the big trees during  the scorching summer  days. Play hide and seek with friends amidst the elephant grass, eat delicious food, drink fresh water from the brooks or the rivers…… It was really a different feeling to roam around with friends, be cozy with parents……Act smartly when people used to come to see us on elephant or open Jeep Safari.

Why the hell I came out of the dense forest area that day….to be caught by these Zoo officials. It’s been years now, nobody is here to listen to my cry……Don’t know whether my parents, my friends are still alive……But I just want to say ……I am missing you all….I want to play with you, spend time with you Mom and Dad ….I am missing your cuddle Mom….Just want to say….I love you, I miss you….wish may God save you from human being!!!

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