Sunday, April 5, 2015

The END, an End of a Life

The Post is for A to Z April 2015 Challenge, I took up a topic : 'E' for End'

A night in my grandparent’s village….

People used to say my youngest uncle was the wealthiest in his village. Once, uncle had to go to his parents-in- law’s house for some special occasion. My Grandpa and Tombho, a labrador had to be the guards for the night.

Midnight…..Suddenly, Grandpa got up with the loud unusual barking of Tombho. Grandpa peeped through the window….could see some guys getting down from a Jeep with some weapons…

They were approaching towards the front door…..No phone that time….No chance of shouting for help too as in the village, each house was at least 400 or 500 mtrs away, not possible to open the back door too as he was not sure if one of them was standing in backyard.

Grandpa took out his sharp axe and meat chopper knife. Kept himself ready for their attack.

“Open the door!! Otherwise we will break it…” A sturdy command.

Grand pa was silent.

They again commanded to open the door. Grandpa was sure they were the robbers. The robbers started pushing the strong wooden door… Grandpa was all set putting off the main switch of electricity. Tombho’s volume was gradually increasing…..

The boys started banging with heavy wood log and some iron sticks. At last the door broke. They flung the door….put on torch…..which fell down on Tombho.  The first guy put his first leg inside the house carefully….my Grandpa did not delay to put his sharp axe on his shoulder…..The guy fell down with an extreme loud sound…all thought he was killed…….All got scared...Rest of the guys carried him quickly to the jeep and ran away….

Next day, after some enquiry….all came to know that that was an extremist’s troupe which had been frequently doing robbery nearby places.

That was a small incident about my Grandpa, whom I lost yesterday.

A strong, extremely courageous, energetic personality he was…….He used to ride scotty or by-cycle at his 90’s. Never I saw him bed ridden for any disease. 

He loved to laugh and play with his grandkids and was a source of sage advice, from his years of experience.
There was an END to his life yesterday…but the times spent with my grandfather will turn into precious memories that I will conserve in the heart.

I was planning to send some money to you, but I was late…
I was planning to call you up since many days, but I was late…
I thought you will be there next many years…..but I was wrong…

Though I know that it’s an END….

I wish …you would be there when I reach your home…shout my lung out….”Where are you ‘Dodo’!!!”
Life goes on as always…but things are not similar as I can’t call you…I can’t find you in real…
All are saying you are in a better place
…..with so much solace!!!
For me, in my life, you have played a vital part
All memories I will treasure and keep close to my heart

Miss You Grandpa!!!

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