Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Smell of moist soil


                  The Post is for A to Z April 2015 Challenge, I took up a topic : 'S' for 'Smell of Soil'

“Can you smell something? Smell of moist soil?”  I asked my colleague who sat next to my cubicle.

He sniffed with his sharp nose… “Yes, you are right. Is it raining?”

No answer I had….till I got up to the window and observed with my eagle eyes to catch some water drops on some objects. 

It was already dark…so much of deliverables, would take at least another three hours to complete the task. I sat in the second floor, so I asked my colleague to accompany me for a quick break…..Actually, my mind was inquisitive and eager to have some more smell of wet soil.

We went downstairs. I could see some water clot in front of the office gate. Cars became slower on the road. I asked the guard when it rained and how long.

“It rained catch and dog for at least an hour….” Guard replied with a strange look…..thinking how we did not know about it?

Multi stories buildings, RCC structures…..where we live, we work….we may miss it…..I thought. I came back...searched from where I got the smell. Opened the window fully, saw few big flower tubs just outside the glass windows.

Just thought....Life became different, modern…….But can I forget the earthy aroma when the rain drops fall on the soil….the lovely soothing sound of rain when it fall on the hay or tin roof……Felt like going back decades… live amidst the greenery….live in a small cottage…….where there is no scarcity of earthy fragrance…..enjoy the melodious sound of rain…….

Do I have an option?……Yes!...only one for the time being…….Convince your Boss for a long vacation, take some luxury cash and book a cottage of a Big brand hotel in a tourist place… :(

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