Saturday, April 4, 2015

Fear of the Dark

Today as the fourth day of blogging for A to Z April 2015 Challenge, I took up a topic : 'D' for Dark


15 years back, when there was no mobile phone or landline in the hostel.

University hostel. Summer vacation started. All girls went home one by one. Rini wasted so much time in her sports engagements, for which she was far behind her curriculum. Besides, her boyfriend was also in his hostel for some personal issues. So, Rini was planning to go home after a week.

She did not think much to stay alone in the whole hostel. Why to get scared, there were 5 girls’ hostels in the campus…and each hostel had at least three cooks, and two chowkidars. But, there were no girls in all 4 hostels, except the Research scholar residence hostel, because of the vacation.

Rini’s hostel had two floors with long corridors. It was adjacent to a hill. The hostel had the capacity of 120 girls, two girls in each room. Her room was the last room in the top floor. If she stood in front of her room, she could see till the end of the corridor in the day time, but not in the night as there were only deem lights in the whole corridor.

After having dinner, which she cooked by herself in a stove, she locked the door properly. She planned to complete many chapters that night. 

Around 12 am. Midnight. She could hear someone walking in the corridor. Might be one of the chowkidars…..who came to check why her lights were on till so late. But what, she could feel that the sound of someone walking started from the other end of the corridor and would finish in front of her door. She put her ears to confirm it again and again. Once she thought, may be some wicked guy was trying to scare her. She tried to peep through the small hole of the door. But did not see anyone. The process went on and on ….at least for half an hour.

Rina became angry as she could not concentrate on study, neither could sit on her chair. She became restless. She had an axe. She took out the sharp axe and opened all the locks of the door and waited to open the door when the sound of walking reach her door….

The sound was approaching towards her….and just reached her door. She opened the door with a bang. But what…..there was no one…..a cold breeze run through her body…..She quickly put her eyes to the other end of the corridor,…….probably in 50 mtrs away she could see one white transparent shadow was walking away with no sound….

Immediately, she closed the door…She was shivering….put her mosquito net…got into it along with the axe and a packet of few mastered seeds and red chilli…..Her mother gave these stuff to her saying, "If you are scared of the Dark anytime, keep these with you…no negative power can do anything to you….."

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