Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Yellow Roses

The Post is for A to Z April 2015 Challenge, I took up a topic : 'Y' for 'Yellow Roses'

“Can we meet for a cup of coffee tomorrow?” Ratul asked Rubi.

I was just standing beside Ratul, putting one hand on my slanting bike. We met Rubi and her friend Jyoti suddenly in front of the college hostel...I knew as exam was over, there was a chance to meet them outside during their evening walk. So, I pressurized Ratul to come along with me this way and pre-planned for my fake birthday.  

“Any occasion?”, Rubi asked. She was looking enormously beautiful with a tinge of sunset ray on her face. I just did not want to miss a single second to look at her.

“Yes, Rahul’s birthday tomorrow.”

“Oh…sure….we will surely meet then….We will celebrate together…” They agreed to meet on my birthday.

“We will come and pick you from your hostel. Be ready at 2 pm.” Ratul said to them.


Damn busy I was since morning till 2 pm…as if time was passing extremely slow.  I took out my new shirt to wear with my favourite blue jeans pant. Took bath at least for half an hour, put gel to set my hair, sprayed enough perfume to attract anyone nearby, did not know how many times I was looking at the mirror. Reached at Ratul’s room at 1 pm, and quite restless all the time……Overall, I did not want Rubi to refuse my proposal today. This would be my first time to propose a girl. Ratul assured me that he would take a good care of the whole situation.

At 1:30 pm, we sat on my car.  I was all set to adjust my front mirror to get her reflection.  We reached her hostel gate at 1:45 pm. We waited there for 15 mins. Some girls were teasing …singing from the windows,  “Happy Birthday to You…”  We understood, that was surly for me. I knew, Rubi had some soft corner for me….and the song of her friends wishing happy birthday strengthened my belief and confidence.

Both the girls came on time. Rubi was carrying a big white bag. I guessed that must be carrying some gift for me, the birthday boy…..may be some romantic birthday wish-card saying… “Your’s only, Rubi” or may be some gift  to give a hint that she too loved me….or may be a Red rose…..


We four reached at the Coffee shop. Rubi just sat opposite to me.  We discussed various topics…..I tried to understand her plan after college….how long she would be in the hostel as exam was already over…..In between, the time came when she took out the gifts for me…the big white carry bag.

“Happy Birthday Rahul! This is a small gift from my side….A small token as a friend!!!” Rubi said…..

She took out a Card……and a bunch of Yellow roses. Yes, yellow roses.  

“I told my boyfriend that I got two wonderful brothers cum friends here in the college. He also asked me to convey his wishes to you.”

I knew what Yellow roses stand for……."A True Friendship".

……..I promised her that I would preserve those yellow flowers and our friendship forever…..though my unconscious mind and heart already started weeping....

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