Friday, April 17, 2015

Orthodox beliefs can be beneficial sometimes too

                 The Post is for A to Z April 2015 Challenge, I took up a topic : 'O' for 'Orthodox'

I am a Non-Veg eater and a ‘I Hate Fasting’ person, basically.

I believe in God by the way….may be as a positive energy….call for help while in trouble or mess with Him while in a loser position.

Anyways,…one of my aunts….who is a special worshiper of God, keeps fasting four days a week.

Monday Fasting is for God Shiva : Because of Him only, aunt got my uncle, according to her.

Tuesday Fasting is for Hanuman : For Him only, she always be able to overcome all trouble, she says.

Thursday Fasting for Guru: God Brihaspati is the symbol of Prosperity, Good Fortune, Knowledge : For God Brihaspati only, she is wealthy.

Saturday Fasting is for Saturn:  If God Saturn is happy, He will save you from all suffering, hardships in work, and education etc. If He is angry, you are a 'gone' case.

Aunt is basically Non-Veg, but she eats only veg dishes on Wednesday. Why? Because, Mercury or God Budh is considered to help new business ventures or in educational activities. She admitted her kids in school and college on Wednesday for which, they always do good results.

I was fine if she kept all these beliefs for herself…but she insisted me to keep fasting for 16 Mondays….when my marriage was delayed. To keep her mind, I kept fasting for the whole day – 12 hours. She allowed me to have Vrat wala khana (all food which you can have during fasting) like fruits, some milk items etc.

I could not continue all 16 Mondays for some reasons, but I still remember , those are the days when I had full healthy food…

Don’t know.....I think being Orthodox can be beneficial sometimes too.

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