Sunday, April 2, 2017

Beach katha

We were walking on the beach…..It was the sunset time. 

As it was the private beach of the hotel, no one was there except we three – me, my husband and our son. The waves were gentle….rolling up to touch our feet, tender breeze was quite enchanting and romantic too. Our son was busy in accumulating shells even in the twilight. I could see his excitement while catching the beautiful shells.

Suddenly my son shouted…. “Mamma! Pappa!! Look at it….what’s this! I got a pearl…..burning bright…”

We both ran to him quickly…!!! Yes! It was a pearl….but not a normal one….We were shocked to see such a pearl in our lives, it was quite bright and shining like glowworm… as if it was brightening our faces like a light from a mobile phone. In fact, the shell was also such a beautiful creation of God…..The inside of the shell was roseate and soft like velvet… O’ wow! Mesmerizing…..

Taking the pearl, we came back to the straw umbrella, which was on the beach . We sat on the chairs keeping the pearl on the center-table, and wondering how precious it might be….Suddenly, we could hear a soft hypnotic voice..…. It was such a spellbinding voice of a lady that we all started walking towards the sea…. We could see a mermaid…..She was requesting us softly to return the pearl to her and promised us to give whatever we wanted in exchange…..

Oh My God! Till that time, we just heard or read this kinda stories, but we never imagined that it could happen in reality…..

We were ready to give the pearl back, as we had no choice, but what to ask from her now….

We three started discussing……

My son said, “Mamma! I caught the pearl, so I think I should ask… I want a real Disney Mc Queen car…”

I was not happy with his dialogue, “I think we should ask for some more precious stuff…..How about a 100 carat diamond necklace?”

“Hey! I think we should ask for a palace ….we don’t have a good house to live in…”

And fight started among us …..and went on for sometime..

The mermaid came to us….snatched the pearl away….We almost run after her…..saying, “Wait! Wait! Mermaid….we have almost taken the decision….”

The waves became cruel….moved on us with force……

Oops! It broke my precious dream…..Alas! I found myself on my hard bed in between my son and hubby…who were sleeping peacefully!

My theme : Imagination and reality

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