Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Optimism misplaced

I failed for the third time in matriculation. Ostensibly I had worked hard, but could not make it somehow. Probably, my luck was not great!

But, this year, I was confident. I did everything possible to make it this time. As exam days were approaching, I went to consult with two gurujees. Both were pakka soothsayers. One said that I would pass this time, another had given me a silver striped Tabeez locket, when I insisted to give me some lucky charm. I would be wearing the Tabeez till the results come out. Infact, I went to a divine lady as well, she could foretell what kinda questions would come in the exams. And strangely, many questions were common in my English and Science exam. Every morning during exam days, I went to temple, donated money, poured milk in Shiva temple, poured Mustard oil in Shani temple. I also put 100 bucks notes inside the answer sheet of Maths exam.

I was confident! I was happy! Eagerly waiting for my results. And, the D day arrived. I went to bring my result by myself. I asked my Mom some money to buy sweets.

I was looking at the Result Board with my eagle eyes. I started from the top to bottom…and again bottom to top…Whoaah! I could not find my name! How come it’s possible! All students went away taking their results. I was not convinced by myself…I thoroughly inspected the Result board again. I shattered. Again I failed.

I went to the bank of the nearby river. Sat there for many hours. How come the soothsayers could be so wrong. They said that I would pass this time. Suddenly, I remembered about Tabeez. I took that out from my neck, opened that rectangular shaped box. And, I found one paper with three /four dry flower petals, where it was written : 

“Dumb Ass! You won’t pass without studying!” 

I recalled -I did everything, just apart from studies.

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