Saturday, April 15, 2017

That Mysterious Lady

I was coming back from my in-laws' house after dropping my wife and children for summer vacation. They would stay there for a month. Unfortunately, I had to return the same day as an important meeting awaited me next morning. 

It was four hours road journey from my in-laws' house to my company provided accommodation. I recently got a transfer to this place. I had my dinner quickly and started my drive at 8:30 pm. I played my favorite music - Guns n Roses, Richard Marx, Bryan Adams etc. to enjoy my drive and keep my sleep away. It was drizzling outside. I was singing my heart out, at my own style along these famous singers....I realized that sometimes you really need this kinda 'Me Time'!

I saw my mobile phone ringing. I picked up the call. It was my wife’s call to know how far I reached. Oops! I could see that my mobile battery was quite low – only 10% left.

It was 11 pm. I was crossing a jungle area. People used to say that this area was a bit mysterious. Better, if one could cross this stretch before 12 Midnight. I increased the volume of the music to add some mental courage, though I never believed in ghost, or any mysterious power.

Thank God! I almost crossed that area safely, without any obstacle. 

Oh! Suddenly, I saw one lady with a child waving their hands as if asking for a lift. She was carrying one big bag too. I thought, it’s already so late, and the place was also not good, why should I take risk to stop my car. So, I didn’t stop. But, something stroke in my mind that I already had crossed that mysterious area, and there was a possibility that the lady might be in real trouble, and it was raining too. I kept my leg on the break. I reversed.

I rolled my window glass down and asked them what was the problem. The lady said that her child was not well and her husband was not co-operating, so, she had to come out alone with the kid. She asked a lift till the civil hospital, which was on my way, just 3 km ahead. I opened the door lock for the lady and the child. They comfortably sat in the back seat. A cold breeze also entered my car along with them to make me feel chill.

On the way, I asked her where was her home, what was the kid’s name, what was the problem with the boy etc. etc. And I came to know, the little boy used to go to a nearby govt. school, and the lady used to work in few houses as part time maid. Her husband was a chowkidar in a nearby colony. The kid was not well for last three days, having high fever. Nobody cared to help her, so, at last she had taken a bold step to take him to the hospital. I silently planned to offer them some money while dropping them. 

We almost reached the civil hospital. I asked her, “Hope, you talked about this hospital, right?” 

The lady said, “Yes! You can drop us in front of the gate.”

I slowed down my car in front of the gate of the hospital, and turned to offer some money…..Ooooh Myyyy Godddd! There was nobody in the car except myself. I was shocked. My heartbeats became faster, I was clueless what to do…..

Gathering some courage, I got down quickly, and rushed towards the hospital….I talked to the watchman there, explained about the incident. He made me easier that this was a common incident in this road, during this time of the year. I spent the whole night there itself, and resumed my one and half hour journey at 6 o’clock morning.

I still think who was she…..  

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