Saturday, April 22, 2017

That Scary Scratch

I and my brother shifted to that accommodation, that day, after getting my first job. Nice place with two bedrooms, kitchen and a huge bathroom. We shared the flat with a friend of mine from Orissa- Rita, so that, we could share the rent and she was also in need.

First day, after doing the settling down works, we all planned to sleep in one room, spreading our mattresses on the ground. I and my friend - Rita slept in one side, and other side, my brother slept on his mattress. We kept our door a bit open so that a deem light can come from the verandah. We locked the iron railing entry gate which was in the verandah, for safety. That was the only entry to the flat.

In the middle of the night, while we were in deep sleep, suddenly, I felt like one small creature was jumping above me, crossing me from once side to other side. I opened my eyes, but could not see anything as it was completely dark. The light through the door was not enough for anything… 

I got horrified. I shrieked loud……My brother and friend got up….But, while I screamed, the creature scratched me badly… We forgot where was the switch board, as we were in deep sleep and it was first day. Clueless brother quickly searched and switched on the light, but, whoaah!...nothing was there in the room.

Few droplets of blood was coming out from the scratch on my hand. We all got scared…..We looked at the watch, it was 2:30 AM. What to do now……Whom should we call at that hour….We put some medicine which was available with us. But, we didn’t have courage to sleep in that room again. We went to the balcony which was a common one with our neighbor.

We passed next couple of hours there itself till it was morning. At around 6 AM, our neighbours got up and opened their door. We introduced ourselves to them and explained the incident. The man of the house said, it might be the naughty cat, which used to roam around that area. Because, it’s been five years, they were living in that house, never heard about any unusual story from the tenants. He confirmed, reconfirmed that the flat was not haunted. 

I went to the doctor, he too confirmed that it was a cat -scratch. We analyzed the incident, and yes, probably, after scratching me, the cat fled quickly through the railing in the verandah.

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