Wednesday, April 5, 2017

That Endless Summer Night

I opened the sliding glass door of the balcony.  Sweet breeze teased me softly. I heard my husband switching on the AC. I went inside, and put off the AC without asking him. He didn’t like it for sure, I understood from his expression. I pulled him holding his hand towards the balcony, saying “Come, let’s enjoy the summer breeze outside….”

Yes! We went to this place for our Honeymoon. It was just one week since our wedding. Our’s was an arranged marriage, though we talked for few months, before the D day.

The hotel was on a hill top, covered by tall pine trees. View was spellbinding…..We could see the half moon on the far range of mountain, though it was partially covered with the silhouettes of trees. We were quite tired after our long journey.  Hubby was going to the cozy corners again and again to take rest, but I had different plan altogether. I wanted to make an Endless Summer night amidst the nature. 

After dinner, hubby went to the toilet to respond the nature’s call... I fell asleep on the sofa for a while, unknowingly....when a sound just outside our balcony woke me up all of a sudden. I went outside and saw my hubby was walking on the lawn. I thought to join him immediately. I quickly opened the door and almost ran through the wooden porch to reach him. I patted his back.....We sat on the grass, in the lawn, which was smooth, lush green carpet, rolling till the edge of the small hilly top. Under the starry sky, I was really in a romantic mood….We were sitting next to each other. I initiated few topics to talk. I was continuously talking, and hubby was just listening and nodding his head…Didn’t know how much time we passed like that…..

We could see the sky light up with static electricity - it appeared to be a lightning storm without thunder. Several bullfrogs started croaking in seeming rhythm. Zhilles also joined them in their musical band. I could see firefly playing hide and seek with the bushes and trees in the nearby wood.

Suddenly, all the lights of the hotel went off. Few dog started barking heavily and ran out to the darkness of the yard. Few birds flew out from the nearby trees…A cold breeze made us jerked.  As if some white hallucination far away….I assumed it may be some soft whirlpool. I hold my hubby’s hand...O' my God! He was quite cold…I felt, something wrong in the environment, probably, he got fever…He was not looking at me….I got up and said, “Let’s go inside, something wrong in the air…your body also became very cold…” . He was not getting up….neither he was looking back, he was sitting like statue…

“Zeenat! Zeenat! What are you doing there?”  I could see my husband calling from the balcony of our hotel room….

Oh my God! Who’s this man then…..I asked him with a great shocker.. “Who are you?”

He turned. He was smiling with burning bright two eyes……

I ran and ran….towards the hotel…..I was running in the air…..not reaching my destination…..

I screamed loud….. “Save me…….Save me pleeeeaaase!!!!”

Someone jerked me……I opened my eyes and saw hubby standing next to my sofa. He said, “Hey! I just went to the reception to ask for a pack of cigarette and didn’t you say you want to make this an Endless Summer night and here you are already sleeping?”. 

I got confused whether it was real or I was dreaming.

My theme : Imagination and reality

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