Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Unconditional love for my Half girl-friend

I had a very long day. In fact, I had a very long week.

That was the last day of the conference in Delhi. Special instruction from my wify - Ranjana to buy two pairs of Kolahpuri chappal made me visit Janpath. After buying the chappals and few t-shirts for wify and my daughter, I was walking through the subway from Janpath to Palika market. The subway was fairly empty. Suddenly, I saw one familiar face in the other side……. walking towards me. Yes! very familiar face……not only face, but a familiar soul. 

Yaah…she was Sweta…! She was looking smart, trendy…stylish. She was wearing black goggle. Hair was quite longer than before. Same physic….probably, she did put on some weight. It’s been almost 10 years now, we were apart. 

I felt like saying ‘Hi’ to her. I could feel as if she also felt awkward. I could have talked to her as no known person was around. But, we crossed each other without any verbal communication. I turned back to see her more…but she was walking fast…The sound of her high heels was echoing all through the passage.

I didn’t feel like going to Palika market anymore. I thought of visiting Janpath once again…thinking of getting another glimpse of her…..I spent one hour moving here and there, but could not find her….

I went back to my hotel. I sat down in the cozy chair and looked out of the window, relieved to be away from all hassles.

A cool air from the AC touched me softly to take me in an excursion to that night ….that dark night…

A candle lit in a dark room changed everything. 

I and Sweta were living together for one year. Both of us were in search of good jobs. I had to go to BITS Pilani for a few days to do one short-term Management course. And, I was lucky enough to get selected for a good post in a good MNC, during the course time.

I still remember how excited I was, to share the news with her about my new job. I didn’t inform her that I was coming back on that night. I bought a flower bouquet, a finger ring and her favorite chocolates. I reached the room, put my fingers on the calling bell, but I could feel that it was not ringing. Probably, there was no light. I was just about to knock at the door, when I heard some giggling sound from inside. My naughty mind compelled me to peep through one of the windows or any other ventilation. Unfortunately, all windows were closed. I climbed few steps to peek a boo from the small hole, about which I only knew….

Candle was burning bright….Sweta was becoming naughty with my best friend Tonmoy. They were having great time. I was clueless what to do…I stood there for few minutes….I peeped again as I could not believe my eyes. They were on bed. 

I came down. Sat on the verandah….Didn’t know how much time. 

Sweta and Tonmoy came out to go somewhere….They were shocked to see me there. I was shattered. 

“Hey Rahul, what happened? When you came?” She was a bit worried looking at my condition….

“Hey dude! What’s up? All well ?” Tonmoy was nervous as he never expected me there at this hour.

“No buddies!!! I came few hours back…” I could not keep my eye-drops in store anymore. They flooded me……I cried like a baby without saying anything.

“What happened all well dear…? Why are you crying…?” Sweta came closer, she touched my shoulders, rubbed my back.

I could not resist myself….I slapped her hard. Tonmoy came and hold my hand. I snatched away….but I felt like no point fighting with them….I remembered someone’s saying, “If someone wants to go away from you, let him/her go…..if he/she comes back, it’s your's, otherwise it was never your’s.”

“I am sorry Rahul….I realized that I never loved you actually, I just liked you as a very close friend…” Sweta was clear and firm.

“Then…what was that? Dating for three years, living together for one year…!” I revolted.

“It was you who was after me. It was you who had crush on me. It was you who love me……It’s not ‘me’!! I realized…I am not made for you…..I was just your half girl-friend.” She almost yelled.

I had nothing to say....but only one thing, "But, my love was, is unconditional!!! And, it will remain unconditional..."

Sweta moved away with Tonmoy....I didn't want to bother them...It was difficult for me, but I started my life once again in a different way, in a different place....

I had been keeping a track till last year, where she was, what she was doing.....Secretly looked at her facebook profile many a times. Today, looking at her, all memories of togetherness revived. I felt like talking to her, spending sometime with her....hold her hand again....

Cring! Cring!

Oops! My phone rang.....It was my wify. I picked up the phone. 

"Hello daddy!!! When are you coming home?" It was my lovely doll. I disgusted my feeling why I was wasting so much time thinking about my Half-girlfriend.....I have such a lovely family waiting for me at home.  

I quickly got from the chair, and all set to visit Palika market to buy few more stuff for my daughter and Ranjana.

“I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend

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