Thursday, April 13, 2017

That Kiss on the Train

I was rushing towards the train. Only 5 mins to go! Oops! I hit one guy…his goggle fell down…Thank God! It was not broken…I quickly said sorry to him and hurried to catch the train.

It would be the first visit to my hometown after joining my first job. I was excited, I wished time to fly fast.

Luckily! I boarded on time. Mine was 2 AC compartment. Two boys and one old couple were already in my compartment. Old couple was in the side berths. I guessed, the boys would be just few years senior to me. 

The train started. So, my 36 hours journey. The boys were talking in Hindi. From their conversation, I understood that they were colleagues. In few minutes, one tall handsome guy came to our compartment and sat beside me. O’ my God!! He was no other than the guy whom I hit on my way. He was with those two boys. I just smiled… He too smiled and said, “You run like a wind…”. And our conversation started.  They were going to attend a seminar at Patna. We all were of almost same age….so, very soon our tête-à-tête became fun…. The evening snack was served in a while.

We talked till late hours, played cards. The guy whom I hit was – Minesh. He was quite jolly, witty and a bit flirty too. His hobby was to play guitar for which I had a great weakness. He took out his guitar and started playing, and we all became singers for a while. I was not feeling sleepy, but as it was too late, we brought our day to an end. I decided to sleep in the upper berth in one side and Minesh took the initiative to sleep in the upper berth of the other side. 

Before going to the bed, I went to the toilet. While I was brushing my teeth in the common area, I saw Minesh standing there near the open door of the train. I asked him what was he doing there. He replied, “Eating cool breeze and guarding my star!”

I could not understand his quip . I stood there for a while too. The breeze was really cool, and extremely pleasant. Suddenly, he said, “Can I say something…will you mind?”

“No, tell me….” I wondered.

“You have beautiful long curly hair……”

“Thanks for your compliment!”

And, our conversation became never ending… We kept talking till the wee hours. No one was awake to disturb us…He talked about his family, his ex-girl friend, his career, what not!! I shared mine too. The wind coming through the door was making us energetic, and enthusiastic. All of a sudden, he came closer to me and started caressing my wind-blown tangled hairs. I became immobile and grappling to hold my senses, he placed a soft kiss on my forehead…and said, “Nice to meet you, let’s go ….it’s too late now..Gudnite!” 

We took our places. I kept peeping through my curtain if I could get a glimpse of him…That tender kiss kept me awake for long time. Some intoxicating effect kept me thinking about him. I felt like waking him up and talk more….be with him for some more time.

Suddenly I remembered, all these guys would get down at 5:30 morning, as the train was on time. I thought of getting down from my berth and take his phone number. But, I could hear him snoring. I thought of keeping myself awake for the whole night. I tried, but I didn’t know what time I slept.

“Ma’am! Ma’am! What will you take for breakfast? Veg or Non-veg?”

I got up quickly. Minesh and other two guys already got down. I enquired about Patna station to the attendant, he said that, the train had reached Patna station an hour back.

I was almost shattered, while I saw one paper lying near my pillow…....I opened it with excitement hoping Minesh might have written his phone number there. But, what was written – “Will miss you ……& the kiss of my life….…”

My theme : Imagination and reality

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