Friday, April 7, 2017

That Fan of Mine

O’ wow! What a crowd! What a crowd!

My guitarists enthralled the audience that night again….. The stage dive, leaps and cannon balls continued throughout the show.

Some dudes even jumped on to the stage to steal a quick embrace from Danny, the mid-guitar solo. I would have to give a special treat to the guys…

I signed over 100 concerts and festivals for last couple of months. We were becoming a bit of a viral sensation. Fan followings were increasing sooo fast…..I was really enjoying the phase…

After the show, I was just coming out from the green room along with the band mates….to get into our cars. We were shocked to see people standing there to see us….click our pics, selfies…..The bouncers were creating one big boundary specially for me…Danny, Evan and the other guys were shaking hands, posing for pics, while one tall stud came closer to me  through the small gap between two bouncers…

He just whispered on my ears, “You took me to another galaxy that night….this night…and making me easier to close my eyes, I’ m in love with your voice……I love your smile….I love you….”

Saying that he moved away……

I was confused…what he said, but, something badly knocked in my mind, I liked the way he conveyed the message.

I boarded on my car, reached hotel, but the thought of the guy kept haunting me. So many fans I have been meeting, but this guy made me awe-struck, unlike others. I was feeling like meeting him again…. And yes, ….I was determined… I will have to meet him at least once in my life. I was in that town for only one more day…So, I had only one day to find him out..…..which was just next to impossible!!! 

I called up the organizing committee to organize another concert for me, next week, which I promised them to do in cheaper cost. They were overwhelmed, but, worried how they would promote in such a short notice. I was ready to help them in promotions too.

And, it happened, as expected. The hall was full….

I had a different plan….Most of the time, I planned to be in audience…to search him in disguise. I conveyed my intention to my team and when it’s a matter of love, you get all help from your mates, so did I!

I searched almost everywhere, I kept searching him….I could not find him anywhere. At last, I was devastated. I sat down in a corner…, thinking about plan ‘B’. 

“Why are you here? Your place should be on the stage, not here! I am dying to see you sing…..” Someone whispered from behind….

Oh! My God! Yes! It was the same voice. I turned. Yes! He was standing just next to me…His eyes were twinkling, so were mine, probably, with few struggling eye-drops of my secret success. No one in the crowds could recognize me, except him……I said, “I wanted to meet you….I was searching you…”

“Better you stay away from me”, he was a bit harsh….

I was shocked, he was a fan of mine, he said that he loved me and now, he was asking such a celebrity like me to stay away.

I didn’t like his attitude…but was shocked also. I was inquisitive why he said so… I hold his hand pulled him out of the hall…

“How dare you trash a star celebrity Iike me? Why you whispered in my ears?”

“Coz, you are a star on the earth, and I am going to meet other stars in the heaven now...” He replied.

“What do you mean?”

“I am a guest in this earth only for few months. I have cancer, fourth stage.”

I crashed…. He just hugged me once softly and disappeared….. I was running here and there to find him again, but I could not find him anywhere….. My eye-drops broke all the emotional barriers and started flowing to inundate my whole body and soul.

I opened my eyes and wondered how and when I became a celebrity!!! But, I sing well in bathroom…..I realized that my bed, my cloth, all were totally wet as the window next to my bed was open, and there was a thunder storm outside in the month of April in Bangalore. 

My theme : Imagination and reality 

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