Thursday, April 20, 2017

Don’t judge Quickly

I was in real love with my wedding ring. Why won’t be I – that’s the one and only precious gift from my hubby till date! 

I too went with my hubby (fiancée that time) to choose the ring. Five diamonds studded gold ring, where half of the ring was rhodium plated. I was quite successful in envying almost every lady who came to attend my wedding, in my office, friends, relatives, bla, bla, bla….

After marriage, I appointed one part-timer – Dilrubba! She used to come for an hour in the morning to broom and wipe the rooms, and wash the utensils. She had only one slot available, that’s 6:30 till 7:30 am. So, I had to compromise with my early morning sleep. 

So, once, I had a problem in my hand. I had some itching in my fingers. At night, I opened my ring and kept near my bed. Next day, while I searched my ring in the place I kept the previous night, it was not there. I searched all the rooms thoroughly. But, I could not find it anywhere. I guessed that it was stolen – Dilrubba. In fact, I was dead sure. Because, she was the only person who came to my home that morning. I called her up. She was working in a nearby house. She told me that she would come my home in an hour. With heavy patience, I waited for one hour.

She came with an extra smiling face. I asked her whether she had found my ring. She straightly said ‘No’. I charged her from every possible angle. She got irritated, she cried….. And, at last I fired her…….

One month gone, Two month gone…..after almost six months….

It was Diwali time. I was cleaning my rooms, all furniture….I took out all cushions of the sofa, my cozy chair. Whoaah!!! My ring was lying in a secret corner of the cozy chair. I felt extremely sorry for my deed. I judged Dilrubba so quickly….I did merciless job!

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