Monday, April 24, 2017

The Power of that Topaz

Reeta, my cousin, was in love, deep love. Romance was folded away in the depths of her maidenly heart. She came my home few days back during her summer vacation. We spent some good time together. But, what bothered me badly was that she was in love with the driver of her father’s car, who was just tenth pass. She used to be fully busy on phone during the night. She took me in so much of confidence, that I could not betray her and tell all these facts to my parents, neither to uncle and aunt, though I could see a vivid danger in her future.

My uncle, Reeta’s dad, was a well-known astrologer. He was very proud of her daughter, as Reeta was a bright student and quite good in music. Uncle came to know about this affair, when his neighbor informed him that they were dating in a park, bunking her guitar classes. She was in Class X then.  My uncle threatened both of them. The driver was thrown out from his job, immediately. 

There was a silence for few weeks. My uncle gave her a Topaz ring to wear in her index finger. 

Few days after this incident, my uncle came my home. I heard the conversation between my parents and uncle. Uncle was quite confident that the Topaz will now change her life totally.

Days were going as usual……

One evening, around 7 pm, suddenly, aunt called me up…

“Is Reeta with you?”

“No, I didn’t talk to her for last few days.” I wondered.

“Any idea, whom she may be with…? I called up Geeta, Rashmi, Jyotika, Pratibha, Raj , Pallav….. 

She is not with anyone of them….” Aunt was almost crying.

My heart banged high. I was almost sure what could happen…..She must be with that driver. But, again I thought, she was continuously wearing that Topaz, so how come it was possible….

We all started searching……. Night was deepening……..

We searched in every possible place. Her and the driver’s mobile phones, both were switched off….

She was too young to marry then. Aunt was becoming mad, continuously crying, cursing the profession of uncle…..and that Topaz.

Uncle filed the case in police. In few days, police caught them in an interior village….She was still wearing that Topaz.

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