Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Ghost near my Gate

Summer in my village was notoriously hot that year. It was the hottest season, people had not realized earlier that despite of having rows of big trees, forest nearby, there could be such bone dry sand and dust settling under the paved roads and every possible nook and corner.

It was impossible to sleep inside the house. So, for few days, we put our beds in the back yard…which was an open area. We were safe from the mosquitos and insects as we used to put mosquito nets. There was a different fun to sleep under the starry sky.

One Saturday night. Two of our friends from nearby village came to stay with us. We arranged our beds, quite early and planned to share ghost-stories. Someone mentioned that Saturday was ghost’s favorite day. Lots of scary stories, we shared with each other. 

We slept after sometime. In the middle of the night, I heard some awkward sound. I tried to grasp, being extra attentive what and where from the sound was coming. It seemed few horses were walking on the road. In our village, the roads were just above our house level. The roads were not clearly visible from back yard. I got up from my place and walked slowly and silently towards the front yard. I was hiding myself in the backside of the bushes and trees, inside our boundary. As it was moonlit night, I could see three white horses walking one after another… When I tried to zoom in through my eyes, Oh my God, I could see three old aged persons were sitting on those horses. They were in quite white, transparent attire. I pinched myself, whether I was dreaming or it was real. As they passed our gate, I thought they would not see me and I went near to the gate to see where they would go…

Suddenly, I saw one horse was turning back…..It was coming towards our gate…..I got scared…what to do…I tried to hide myself back of a bush. The horse stopped in front of the gate. The man came down…I could see his blank eyes clearly…..He tried to open our gate…..He was almost successful…..I screamed, and ran fast to the backyard…But, no one was there…..

I screamed loudly…for help….knocked at the door….

Someone was shaking me hard…..”Get up! Get up fast…! Let’s go inside the house immediately….” 

I screamed more…looking at the old man who was in white attire……. Then, I realized I was inside the mosquito net along with my friends and siblings. 

And my grandpa was calling us as a thunder storm almost started.. 

My theme : Imagination and reality 

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